It's becoming more and more common for people to not file emails, instead keeping them in the one folder and using the search feature of their email program to find the specific email that they are looking for.

Now when you start getting thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) of emails to search, it gets complicated. So how can you make your emails stand out?

Well I guess we need to go back a step and say why do we need to make our emails stand out? I've noticed that some people are really good at putting relevant and descriptive headings in the subject line, making their emails really easy to find when searching. Other people, not so much.

If you are one of those people who composes clear, logical and easy to find searchable subjects in your emails, the people who receive them will notice and they will be appreciative. It makes you look very professional and it differentiates you from the crowd.

Some people may read this and ask what's the big deal? I get that, but in a changing world I think we all need to be looking for ways to be more helpful to our customers. Something little things like this can make a big difference. And we have to remember, not everyone works the same way us.

If you have one email folder with thousands of emails in it, think about the emails you search for. Whose emails are always easy to find and why? And how much time do you waste trying to find other emails because they are hard to search?

Make your emails easy to find and your customers are more likely to respond.