One of the problems of doing business today is the sheer amount of data you have to manage and process. You tend to spend most of your business life responding to demands from others, which results in a frenzy of doing stuff but a sense of not actually getting ahead.

In this frenzy, it is really easy to forget what you accomplish throughout the year, which in turn can lead to a sense of just going through the motions on a day-to-day basis. It's hard to stay fired up and motivated when you feel like that.

A number of years back, I started a success board, which is nothing more than a whiteboard in the corner of my office on which I capture my achievements throughout the year. I wipe it clean on January 1, as I get ready to start the year, and as the months progress, I add my victories and special moments to the board. These might include anything from winning a project, getting a new client, hitting a milestone of some sort, taking a trip somewhere, or making a personal-development breakthrough.

The year can start a little lean, but by June it looks pretty darn impressive, and by the end of the year, holy smoke. This isn't just a brag board; it is a powerful psychological tool that can have a big impact on how you do business.

So what exactly are the benefits of keeping a success board? I think there are many, but the most significant ones I have experienced are:

1. It helps remind you of the many successes you have had during the year. It feels really good to see all of your accomplishments in one spot, which is great for self-confidence and motivation.

2. It gives you a sense of progress. Research shows that most people feel a great sense of satisfaction when they are getting things done, and this is a tangible way of illustrating that.

3. On those days when you feel a little flat, one glance at your success board and you feel a whole lot better. And if you have had a bad experience of some sort, a grumpy person on the other end of the phone, maybe, or lost a client or a project for whatever reason, rather than going into despair, a quick look at your success board and the world is OK again.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful. If you want a motivational tool that can inspire you when you need it most, start a success board today.