I recently resigned from a contract that I've had for the past six years. From a financial point of view it was fairly lucrative and I enjoyed the work, the people I got to work with and all that came with this project. A lot of people connected with the project were surprised that I resigned and asked me why, as they struggled to understand my decision.

To me, the project had simply run its course. I was no longer getting the same enjoyment, I felt that the goal posts were moving and I was starting to disagree with many of the decisions being made. I've been in this position many times over the years and I know the feeling of a project that has run its course. I also know that this can lead to negativity, a sense of disgruntlement and a breakdown in the relationship overall.

I would much rather end a business relationship on a positive note when intuitively I know that it's the right time to call it quits. All business relationships come to an end, how we end them is vitally important and a big part of our reputation.

I see many business owners who hang onto a contract, project or client for too long, even though they know they should let it go. But they hang on out of financial fear, laziness or complacency.

It takes courage to end a business relationship with all of the implied ramifications, but hanging onto it can often cause more damage in the long term when perhaps the business relationship deteriorates and become unworkable. Often you end up being sacked rather than resigning and that is a very different situation to be in.

We spend a lot of time getting business, but we often don't spend enough time ending a relationship that needs to end. Every business relationship comes to an end at some stage, so end it on your own terms, holding your head high, acting in the most professional way possible.