Selling anything tends to be very demanding. It doesn't matter whether you are standing behind a cash register all day at the local hardware store or selling planes for Boeing, it is challenging on many levels. Sales people can easily 'burnout' if they are not careful.

If you don't have a way to recharge your batteries, to look after your brain and your body, your effectiveness as a sales person will be diminished and that will be reflected in your sales. Sometimes, if left unchecked, it can end a career.

What are the key indicators of 'sales burnout'?

1. You start getting grumpy with your customers.
2. You struggle to motivate yourself.
3. Your attention to detail starts to drop.
4. Your sales results are in a downward spiral.
5. You find it hard to source new leads.
6. Your creativity dries up.
7. Your fellow staff members start to bug you.
8. You no longer enjoy selling.

Knowing when we are starting to burn out is really important, because it won't go away or get better by itself. You have to take positive steps, perhaps starting with proactive ways to avoid it happening in the first place.

It is important to have a life outside work. If you're not careful, your job can become all consuming. You can end up spending all your time talking about work, talking about selling and talking about customers. It is an easy trap to fall into and it is really boring for anyone who doesn't work in the same job.

I speak from experience. I was a total and absolute workaholic for years. Seven days a week, at least twelve to sixteen hours a day, all I did was work, work, work. I eventually had a bit of a meltdown, some health issues, a great relationship ended because of my obsession and I realized that I had to make some considerable changes to my life.

Sales people are attracted to other sales people. Often the competitive nature of sales encourages the social aspect that sees sales people hanging out with other sales people. I have friends who sell everything from radio advertising to new cars who often spend all of their 'down' time socializing with other members of their sales team. While it is great to spend time with the people you work with, once again it is vital you have a life outside of your work arena to help prevent burnout, especially if you are in sales.

Do fun things that you love and you will be a far more effective sales person than if you just work all the time and socialize with the same people that you work with. But what else do you need to do to recharge your batteries when you are feeling a little sales fried?

Sometimes it's just a holiday that's needed to get the mojo back. Or it might be the need of a new product or service to sell and promote? Really, most of the time, it's breaking the routine, giving your brain a rest and getting the energy levels up. Maybe it's going off and doing a training program, or attending a conference of some sort to interrupt the day to day routine.

The business of selling is a marathon. To be consistently good over a long period of time, we have to be able to manage ourselves and manage ourselves really smartly. Waiting till you are completely fried before doing something about it is not a good strategy. Be proactive, know yourself, know the warning signs and do something about them as soon as you can.