If you're anything like me you spend a considerable amount of your time getting organized every day. Let's be honest, we really need to take the time to do this or else we would never get anything done. But how much time do you spend every day getting inspired? Probably nowhere near as much.

We've all heard about Simon Sinek, and starting with working out our big why. I think it's vitally important, and on a day to day basis, I think we need to be constantly reminded of our big why, but we also need to find ways to keep ourselves inspired, enthused and motivated. And there are days where our big why just isn't enough.

For me, daily inspiration comes from spending at least an hour every day doing things like -

  • Checking out quality entrepreneurial websites for the latest news and advice.
  • Watch a Ted talk or two.
  • Read my monthly magazines - Success, INC etc.
  • Ready my latest inspirational book.
  • Listen to a few episodes of my favorite podcast shows.

I often get asked why I bother to read, watch and listen to many sources of inspiration and motivation when I'm already such a motivated person. In fact, I specifically get asked why I've got so many motivational type books when it seems I don't really need them. This always makes me laugh.

The reason I'm motivated and inspired is because I've got so many amazing resources at my fingertips. They keep me on track, they keep me thinking and they keep me positive and motivated.

We understand that to keep our bodies fit and healthy we need to exercise daily, but we don't make the realization that to keep our mind inspired and positive we need to "exercise" it. But I do know that just as your body will love you if you work out daily, your mind will love you just as much if you feed it and exercise it with the right stuff daily.

My advice is that you spend a specific amount of time every working on your mind. Look at it as a great investment and work out the best way for you to continually be inspired, energized and motivated. Sounds simple right? It is - and like many simple yet important things, it's hugely beneficial.