Some businesses seem to struggle to process simple orders. This can be a source of constant aggravation for customers. Delays can be experienced, paperwork can be lost, mistakes can made and orders dispatched incorrectly.

If the problem is a lack of internal systems, we need to address it fast. But if delays are caused by other internal issues, like departments not getting on with each other, poor communication or internal bickering between individuals, then we have bigger issues. Anything that causes our customers to suffer needs to be dealt with and resolved at lightning speed.

If you have identified that there may be an internal problem between departments, it needs to be sorted out quickly and with a minimum of fuss. The main aim of any business is to ensure that the customer is served promptly and efficiently and that any bickering between departments is kept away from the customer. This applies to any kind of business selling anything, online or face to face.

The last thing a customer wants to hear from the salesperson is how hopeless the dispatch department is and that their order will likely be filled in correctly. Dirty laundry needs to be kept internal. Sometimes blaming another department is an easy way to hide a mistake made by a member of staff. It's easier to say that the order is wrong because someone in the factory made a mistake than to admit the order was taken incorrectly in the first place.

All the customer expects is that their order or request for products or services is processed quickly and efficiently. If this simple (and let's be honest fundamental) aspect of the business can be conducted efficiently due to internal issues, your business has a real problem on its hands.

Of course, sometimes the business owner, or manager, is not aware that there are issues. And this shows a whole other set of problems. The bottom line is that we need to be listening to our customers because they will hopefully let us know when there's an issue. The real key is what we do with this information once we have it. 

Published on: Nov 7, 2017
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