I've been working with a supplier recently who I have to say is driving me crazy. Every single time I want her to do something, I have to argue to get what I want. While I value her professional opinion, and I will take her advice most of the time, there are other times when I simply know what I want - and I don't want to have to have a long drawn out discussion to get what I'm paying for.

Many years ago I used to work with my wife. She was (and is) an incredibly passionate person. We ran a marketing company and often we had to pitch new corporate branding and sample advertising campaigns to potential clients. She was super proud of the work we did and if we presented something to a client and they didn't like it, she took it personally, often storming out of the room in frustration.

Now, while I do admire that passion and my ex-wife is very good at what she does, she needed to come to terms that it's the client's money and at the end of the day, even if they don't choose what we are suggesting, we need to give them what they want. I know it's hard, I struggle with it myself all of the time. But being on the receiving end of a very talented but very difficult supplier, I would walk away in a heart beat to get what I want rather than put up with the drama of having to fight for what I'm actually paying for.

What really frustrates me is when a supplier doesn't get their way, and they actually start to behave in a very immature way (like storming out of a meeting). Saying things like "that's OK, I'll just do what you want even if it is wrong and goes against every professional skill I have" etc. I've certainly been on the end of that a few times, and it is the poorest of behavior in my opinion.

What is my point? There is nothing wrong with being passionate about what we are doing, and offering our professional advice to a client, of course, that is what they are paying us for. At the end of the day, we have to be OK with them choosing a path that is different to what we are recommending. If we don't master the ability to let go, we will soon be losing customers because they get sick and tired of fighting for what they want (as I most certainly am right now).