As soon as we start the weekly count down to Christmas, it's easy to get into the mindset of winding down, getting less productive and basically writing the next little while off. Of course the reality is that if you take your foot off the peddle now, and don't put it on again until the end of January, you have lost three months of the year, or a whole quarter. And that can easily spell disaster. 

I completely understand that at this time of year we all start to feel like a break, and I actually like to take a mini break right about now for that exact reason, but there is never a good time to take three months out of your business. 

In fact I find the next three months the most important of the year for me. They can be great sales months because people are generally in better buying moods with a Christmas holiday around the corner. They are often starting to think about the first part of next year and there are things to plan and organize right now (as a professional speaker I get at least half of my bookings for the coming year in between November and January - that's also the period I market the most aggressively). 

This is also the time when business owners are reflecting on the year that was and dealing with what worked and what needs to be worked on in the year ahead. They are thinking about where they need to be focusing and what they need to do to now to achieve their goals. 

So my advice is that right now is a very good time to take a mini break. To recharge the batteries in the lead up to the time where everyone else clocks out. Use this three month period wisely. Use it to sow seeds for next year, to drive sales, to develop new products, to learn, grow skills etc and do some strategic planning. 

Success in business is so often about zigging when others are zagging. And this is yet another example of doing exactly that. I've consciously made the decision to make the November to January period the best in my business and it always is (and has been for many years). So don't do what most other people do, waste this three month block of valuable and critical time, when it has so much potential.