Podcasting has been around for a long time, but in the past 5 years it's become really popular. Today I was running a workshop with thirty people in the room. I asked who was currently podcasting and one person put up their hand. Then I asked who was going to podcast in the future and twenty five people put up their hands. So based on this one example, we are going to see a lot more podcast shows appearing in coming years.

This in turn means we have a number of great marketing opportunities:

1. Start getting yourself interviewed on podcast shows to build your profile.

I'm getting interviewed on podcast's regularly. Several times a week someone from around the world tracks me down and invites me onto their show. And because there are a growing number of podcasts, there is a growing need for people to appear on these shows, making it pretty easy to get a guest appearance if you pitch yourself well. Podcast interviews tend to be longer, more in depth and provide more of an opportunity to connect with your audience. They are also timeless, staying current and accessible for as long as the show is on iTunes. Once we have been interviewed we can promote these interviews ourselves, helping us to build our personal brand and our business as well as enjoying the new audience that we reach from the podcast show itself.

2. Sponsor a podcast show (or even a few shows).

This is a real opportunity. Most people who have a podcast would kill to have someone sponsor their show and it might not cost that much. It's easy to sponsor a show that perfectly targets your audience because podcasts are so clearly niched. Find a show you like, one that you know would attract your customers perfectly suited for you and reach out, have a chat and see where it takes you. This is a very targeted advertising/sponsorship opportunity that I think represents excellent value for money.

3. Do the above but also start your own podcast show.

And of course, why not start your own show? I've been podcasting for about a year, and apart from really enjoying the process, the feedback is great, the credibility is excellent and it certainly helps to build my profile and it helps with lead generation. Podcasting is an incredibly flexible way to build an audience and following, to educate potential and existing clients about what you do, to solve problems, built rapport and even sell directly to your audience. There are so many opportunities it's pretty much limitless and evolving every day.

Podcasting is a new media that is growing rapidly and I honestly think it's just getting started. There are many opportunities around podcasting, I suggest doing all three of my recommendations above. Podcasters are influencers and their influence is growing daily, get on board now and take advantage of the opportunity.