It's becoming increasingly common for couples to work together, mainly due to the increasing fascination with the entrepreneurial life. Anyone who has done it will tell you that there are certainly challenges when it comes to work with your partner and setting boundaries is one way to try and manage them, especially in the bedroom.

I think we all know what good pillow talk is, so what is bad pillow talk? Really, the bedroom is not the place to start talking about the days activities, people not paying their bills, staff issues, customers issues and really, anything else to do with the business.

Nothing can shatter the mood quicker than asking your partner for a copy of the debtors and creditors, or last years end of financial year report.

The moral to this point is very simple, we need to have razor sharp boundaries between work and home. This doesn't mean we can't talk about work related things at home. In fact I think it is essential to talk about "worky" stuff when you are away from the business.

It's great to share the excitement about what you are doing, plans for the future, cool ideas, nice things that have happened during your day and all that goes with the more positive aspects of doing business, but we need to have boundaries.

When a couple run a business together, it's very easy for the business to take over the relationship. It can become the only thing spoken about, thought about and focused on. That's not good for anyone.

Limit the amount of time you talk about work, say what needs to be said, and then move on. It can take a bit of discipline because most of us "think and spurt" - we get a thought and then spit it out.

Something I learned to do was to keep a note pad in the kitchen and if I had a work thought I would write it down, build a list, and at a scheduled "business meeting time" at home, my significant other and I would run through whatever we needed to talk about.

Or even better, we would make a "business date" to go out and talk about everything to do with the business. We would go somewhere nice, have a meal, make it fun and enjoy the conversation, talking about day to day things as well as longer term aspirations.

Do whatever works for you, but please make certain that you have a system of some sorts. Acknowledge your relationship time, honor it and treat it as a priority. If this is good, most other things will work well. And next time you find yourself having inappropriate pillow talk, make a mental note, laugh out loud, talk to your spouse and discuss how to avoid it in the future.