These days getting new customers is hard work. It's complicated, hugely competitive and if we add the digital world of marketing with constantly evolving consumer habits and it's a wonder we get any new customers at all.

Most businesses go to great lengths to get these new customers but few are good at welcoming them to their business, resulting in a less than pleasant new customer experience. The concept of "onboarding" is simply the process we use for welcoming and processing new customers and it is vitally important and often done very badly.

"Onboarding" is the first thing that happens after we've agreed to become a customer or a client, of a particular business. Because most organizations don't give "onboarding" the attention it deserves, they don't build a strong bond with their customers from day one and that is problematic for long-term loyalty.

We all need to have a really good, customer-centric "onboarding" process that not only shows just how professional an organization we are but also shows just how much we value our new customers.

We need to constantly review our "onboarding" process. This means looking for as many ways as possible to make the process and administration side of things really smooth and then find as many ways as possible to add value to the customer to make them feel incredibly appreciated in every way.

If your business has a better "onboarding" process than your competitors, I guarantee you will have far greater word of mouth (and word of mouse) and just as importantly, you will build much stronger relationships with these new customers that will reduce the chances of losing them way too soon in the business relationship.

The bottom line, having an exceptional "onboarding" process is very good for business.