I've been asked many times over many years what it is about being an entrepreneur that I like the most? What has been the one thing that drives me forward, keeps me leaping out of bed and excited about the future? And I struggled to articulate it, often going down the safe path of saying things like freedom, building something etc.

But I recently realized exactly what it was that I really loved about being an entrepreneur and that moment of clarity made a lot of things go clunk in my world. For me, to put it simply, my love of being an entrepreneur is due to the fact that on any given day I could get a phone call or an email that will literally change my life. I've been fortunate enough over the years to have had many of these.

It's waking up with the knowledge that today could be one of those days where this happens. I find that possibility enough to spur me on every day, even on the tough days. That uncertainty is energizing in so many ways and because I am always hoping it will happen, I think I manifest the experiences and opportunities I'm hoping for.
I'm sure that many people reading this article will feel the same way. You know that moment when you get that call or email, or have that meeting and you know that afterwards, your life is going to be different in some way, and in all likelihood in a really positive way.

I found it very reassuring to have this moment of clarity, when I finally understood what it is was that I not only liked, but loved about being an entrepreneur. And with clarify comes a sense of peace, something that can be a rarity for entrepreneurs.

Your reason for fighting on, overcoming adversity, doing what to others would seem impossible, and doing it again every day, may be different to mine, but I encourage you to think long and hard about exactly what your thing is. Once you figure it out, you might find you attract more of it and that's got to be a good thing.

Self reflection is one of the most important tools in the successful entrepreneurs toolbox. Use it where you can, get answers when you can and get to know yourself better as an entrepreneur and you will not only enjoy what you do that little bit more but you will also be more successful at what you do - this has certainly been my experience.