I often wonder why people are almost afraid to pronounce they are good at what they do but it is a real phenomenon. Sometimes I think it is because we don't always have a way of measuring or comparing what we do, so how can we know if we are good at what we do?

There are lots of ways to measure this; the most significant one is the amount of repeat business you get from your existing customers. If they keep coming back it is a pretty good sign that what you are doing is right. If your customers are telling their friends to use your business, likewise, it is a pretty good sign you are on the right track. If you are winning awards or industry recognition, again you are heading in the right direction. It is important to be proud of what you are doing and to tell your staff, your suppliers, the media, your friends and family, your colleagues and anyone else you can think of.

This doesn't mean you should stand on a street corner wearing a sandwich board saying, 'I am wonderful', but it does mean you should put letters of appreciation from customers in full view. If you win an award put the certificate or trophy in a place where everyone can see it. If your customers are happy, ask them to tell their friends.

I recently did a project for a company that owns a number of petrol stations. This company has a head office where staff and suppliers go but very few customers would ever visit. They have one huge wall covered in certificates and letters from customers, the awards that the business has won and the charities the business supports. While this is great, the business doesn't use any of these very significant promotional tools on their customers.

I believe it is due to a sense of modesty but in the modern business world, modesty is a liability not an asset. Every petrol station this business owns should have copies of all of these letters and awards plastered in any available space. In fact they should make a brochure outlining what they do in the community and this should be given to every customer who visits the business. It reinforces they are not only good corporate citizens, but they are also good at what they do.

Be proud of your achievements and remember that people like to do business with people who are good at what they do and confident enough to show it.