I had an interesting experience several years ago and it made me realize that many leads are right under your nose. In fact, whenever I'm talking to a client who is complaining about a lack of business, one of the first things we do is pull out the microscope to look closer at the possible extra business that could be right under the nose of the business owner.

In my office, we used to get regular cross-city deliveries. There was a courier called John who would make deliveries for us several times a day. One day I realized that although he had been coming to our office for almost five years I knew virtually nothing about him. Feeling a little embarrassed about this, I asked him if he had time for a cup of coffee. He agreed and we took a few minutes from our busy schedules and headed to the local coffee shop.

I discovered that John was quite an amazing man. He had been involved in the corporate world in Sydney, but his health had suffered and he had decided that he wanted a sea change and a less demanding job so that he could spend more time with his children as they grew up. Being a courier was perfect for him. He started early, finished early, got to meet nice people and there was no real pressure, especially when compared to his extremely demanding former life. We got to know each other better and I felt a lovely connection to this man.

Over the next few weeks, something strange started to happen. Our phones started to go crazy with a pile of inquiries from new customers. I asked my salespeople where the leads were coming from and surprisingly they said from John, the courier. He had become our number one fan and he was going all over town spreading the word about how professional my company was and how good our work was. We were inundated with calls from people wanting new logos, marketing plans and advertising campaigns. It was amazing and I will be forever grateful to my friend John.

Since then I have always made the effort to get to know the people who are in my life on a daily basis, no matter what they do. Apart from the fact that I like getting to know people, it has given me an army of sales generators who promote my business every day. Have you got a John right under your nose, someone who could help you generate a pile of new leads every week?

Published on: Aug 14, 2018
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