Like pretty much everyone else in the modern world, I struggle to stay focused, to stay present and to detach from technology. To address these issues I decided that I needed something that I could do on a daily basis that would build my focus muscles. And then the answer dawned on me.

I've decided that I'm going to spend the next 12 months working on my handwriting. Over the years my handwriting has gotten worse, to the point where it's almost illegible most of the time. I think that if I took the time to actually slow down and pay more attention to my handwriting it would get much better and ideally pay a few other dividends.  

To me the benefits of working to improve my handwriting on a daily basis include -

  • Constantly being focused.
  • Improving my attention to detail.
  • A reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment.
  • Give my brain a break from technology.
  • Enjoyment from seeing my handwriting improving.

Of course if you do a little research it soon becomes apparent that there are many other benefits of handwriting, from fully engaging your brain to unleashing creativity to mention just a few.

As simple as this idea might be, I think it will really work. And I also love the idea of having really good handwriting, which is something to be proud of. So stay tuned and I'll do an update in the coming months. Who knows, this might just be the solution to a pile of modern world issues.