We all have those things in our day to day business life that literally drive us crazy. As we encounter them we get that familiar feeling of frustration and angst because we haven't actually done anything about them.

Something I suggest with my clients is to start a "DRIVES ME CRAZY" board. The idea is that whenever anyone in the team hits a "DRIVES ME CRAZY" issue in their day to day work, they immediately stop and take a few seconds to write it up on the board.

Then, at a predetermined time, everyone in the business commits a little bit of time to address every issue on the "DRIVES ME CRAZY" board. It really doesn't take very long to rectify a lot irritating and frustrating issues that dramatically impact on our sense of job satisfaction during the our working day.

Of course, once you have rectified all of the "DRIVES ME CRAZIES" from the board, you start again.

Now, what are some of the typical "DRIVES ME CRAZIES" that we encounter? There are lots, think about your average day. From my experience they can be do with equipment that doesn't work, finding things that are either constantly being moved or they are simply badly organized, communication, other people's not delivering, lack of resources, confusion about systems and procedures and I'm sure, many others.

So today, as you go about your work, and you encounter a "DRIVES ME CRAZY" moment, one that has been frustrating you for ages, stop, take a moment and set up your "DRIVES ME CRAZY" board.