Every week on a Friday I ask myself a simple question "how have I made my business better this week than it was last week?" As simple as it sounds, this question is a powerful part of a bigger philosophy known as being committed to constant and never ending improvement.

Any business that is constantly trying to get better at what it does is way ahead of the pack when it comes to being successful. This positive attitude is one that any customer notices the minute they walk into the business, just as they notice a business that doesn't care.

Businesses that are being driven by a passionate and enthusiastic business owner have an energetic feel about them. There is always something new and exciting going on and as a customer, it is good to be a part of this.

So how does a business constantly improve? We can improve the way we communicate with our clients, we can make it easier for people to buy from us, we can keep working on the appearance of our business, ensuring it is always clean and tidy but also fresh and modern, we can train our staff better, we can keep our product knowledge up-to-date. You get the point.

When you are committed to constant and never-ending improvement it really does show. This attitude rubs off on staff who start to look for ways to do things better as well. Customers are more likely to come to you with ideas to improve your business because clearly you care. Suppliers note this attitude and are more likely to want to help you grow your business. Competitors will respect you.

But the most important thing that needs constant and never ending improvement is the business owner.

As business owners, we need to learn new skills, to look for ways to do what we do as individuals ever better, to research our industry and be a leader in this industry, to read and broaden our knowledge on a range of subjects that will help our businesses to grow, to be trained in ways that make us better leaders, and to always be open-minded enough to find new ways of doing things.

With this learning and improvement comes an open minded attitude that is a key to success. Any business that is too rigid, too lazy, or too bored to change will not survive. Committing to constant and never-ending improvement adds an air of passion and excitement which is the fuel that sets a business apart and in my opinion guarantees that it will succeed in a spectacular way.

So how is your business better this week than it was last week?