All too often I come across people with a specific business issue and rather than proactively trying to solve the problem, they are searching for the one silver bullet to fix everything. To the point where they become obsessed with finding the silver bullet that they think is going to be the answer to all of their problems.

From my experience the reality is that there is rarely one silver bullet solution to a businesses issues. It normally requires a range of initiatives and ideas and a very concerted effort to get the business back on track.

For example I've worked with business owners who believed that finding one particular staff member would solve all of their problems. When they fond that person things got better but the problems were not solved. For others it's all about money, if they only found $50,000 everything would be better. All of their effort goes into finding this $50,000 to solve some perceived problem. They find the money, the problem reappears a short while later.

We tend to try to find a silver bullet to solve the symptoms of the problem but we don't address the cause of the problem, hence it never goes away.

The idea of a silver bullet is appealing. Of course we all want the fastest and easiest solution to any problem, but once we stop looking for the easy way out we can actually get on with the job at hand. This means having the commitment to doing the work required and not just looking for the easy way out.

So my challenge to you is simple. Are there aspects of your business that really need to be addressed and if you are honest with yourself, you know you're looking for a silver bullet, and perhaps you have been for a long time? Now is the time to actually do up a plan, work out a strategy and do the work to solve the problem.