anyRunning a business can certainly be challenging. Burn out is a real problem for business owners, especially as we all get busier, face more demands and try to develop the ever increasing skill set that we need to run our businesses.

Specifically we need to be able to identify what the causes our burn out and what we can do about about. If we do nothing about our burnout, the result could be much worse than we realize. It can lead to depression, sickness, breakdown in relationships and more.

The following list identifies the 10 most common reasons for burn out - the more you tick, the more important it is that you do something about it.

  1. Over work--simply putting in too many hours and being a slave to your business
  2. Financial problems--struggling to make ends meet in the business and worrying about how you will pay your bills
  3. Over commitment--agreeing to do too much for too many people and not leaving enough time or energy for yourself
  4. Poor stress management--not knowing how to manage your own stress or not being able to admit that it is a problem
  5. Relationship issues--with partners, family and friends, co-workers and customers
  6. Poor lifestyle--eating badly, lack of exercise, and alcohol and drug abuse
  7. Lack of direction--feeling trapped and isolated in the business and uncertain about your future direction
  8. Lack of boundaries--being too accessible to too many people
  9. No space to rejuvenate--no holidays, time out, hobbies or distractions to remind you why you do what you do
  10. Having a negative environment or negative people around you every day

If you have any (or all of these) issues to deal with, a brief holiday will help you in the short term but it's really important for you to make some major changes to your business and your life. If you don't you will simply keep repeating the burn out cycle. Ultimately, this may cost you much more than you could imagine.

Learning to take time out and work remotely is a way to get some distance between yourself and your business. This space provides the opportunity to look more objectively at the above issues and to come up with solutions.

The juggling act that every business owner needs to work on is reducing the stress and at the same time, developing healthier lifestyles. If we can eliminate or at least reduce the stresses identified above, we will naturally feel more energized and more positive about our life and our business and that encourages us to take better care of ourselves.

The overall end result is our business will run more effortlessly, we make more money, we enjoy the process much more and we live longer. All of which sound much more appealing to me than the alternatives.