The key to success when it comes to selling anything is to do what others either can't do or aren't prepared to do. Generally this means being prepared to go the extra mile. I have always tried to live by this philosophy and I have encountered many successful people who do the same. There is a real power to be had by standing out from the crowd and going the extra mile will help you achieve this.

I remember reading about an amazing car salesman who used to send cards to his customers at a time when this was an unusual thing to do. He sent birthday cards, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, Easter cards and so on. Over a period of some thirty years in the industry he built up quite a list of customers. In fact he was sending out thousands of cards every year. He made a point of always writing them himself and he always personalized each message.

Now this salesman sold more cars than any other sales person ever. He received a huge number of word-of-mouth referrals and there were many families to whom he sold new cars to three generations. Standing out is important, but being prepared to go the extra mile is even more important.

Do a review of the people in your industry who sell the same things that you do. Generally most sales people within an industry start to look the same and act the same. The things they believe they can do and the things they believe they can't do are the same. They have the same blinkers on.

Look for ways to do things that your competitors can't or won't do. This will make you memorable and will win you customers, plenty of them. It doesn't matter whether this is your philosophy as an individual or as an entire organization - do what others aren't prepared to do and you will carve out a niche of appreciative customers. 

It isn't often that we are really impressed by sales people. In fact we generally expect to be underwhelmed and we usually are. What a wonderful opportunity every single sales person has to be different simply by going the extra mile.

When was the last time you were really impressed by a business going the extra mile? Or an individual? It's pretty rare these days and that's exactly what makes this philosophy such a great strategy. We need to be having more discussions around this concept - what can our business do that our competitors would never even consider doing. 

Imagine if an entire company had this approach - "let's go the extra mile with everyone we deal with, internally, externally, in the community, our customers, our suppliers - EVERYONE". I have no doubt that if this thinking became embedded in any organizations DNA, they would reap the benefits big time. 

But that is the point. This is a philosophy, not just a good idea. It has to be talked about daily, worked on daily, rewarded daily, promoted daily, reinforced daily - you get the point. 

As an individual look for ways to do what others won't or can't and you will become a sales legend. Make this a philosophy company wide and your business will boom.