I read a lot of books, I always have. The concept of spending $25 for hundreds of pages of information strikes me as incredible value. But often the problem is remembering everything that you read. There is no easy way to recall all of the information, especially as your brain fills with more books, so we end up with shelves full of books, yet we can't remember the vast majority of the precious content that they contain.

A simple idea that I've found very effective to help with recalling the information in the books I read is to type up the contents page of the books I like. The task of doing this cements what each chapter covers and it makes it much easier to recall when looking through the contents page at some stage in the future.

It's very interesting to look at a contents page that I typed up for a book 5 years ago and be able to recall what each chapter is about simply by reading through the chapter list. Like most things, when we take the time to really focus on something, we tend to remember it more clearly.

If you want to have greater recall of the books you read and be able to better utilize the information that you learn, try this simple technique and see if it works for you. Plus your $25 investment just got a whole lot more valuable.


Published on: Dec 29, 2016
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