I've found this to be one of the most universally true laws of life. Whatever it is you want more of in your life, give more of it. If you want more money, give more money, if you want more love, give more love, if you want more business, give more business.

Now let's look at the last one, if you want more business, give more business. From my experience most really successful people are really good at referring business to others. In fact, they go out of their way to refer business and they expect nothing in return.

My question to you is this - if you want more business, what are you doing to give others more business? Now some of you might think this is a bit woohoo", surely you've got to focus on doing your own business development to get business. Yes, of course you do, but over the years I've found the best business development tool I could ever have is a generous nature. The more I refer business to others the more business I get referred.

So to take this further, if you build a reputation for referring business to others, I'm pretty certain you will build a great business yourself. Just make sure you do clean referrals. By this I mean don't refer bad customers to good business connections. I only ever refer quality leads to people in my network for two reasons. Firstly I don't want to develop a reputation for giving terrible referrals and secondly, it's good karma to refer quality leads (and it means people refer quality leads back to me).

Now I know some people will struggle with this concept, but I have found it to be very true in my life. When people come to me for advice about a part of their life that is lacking, I encourage them to give more in that area and the results are normally pretty astonishing.

If there is a part of your business that really needs some help, try this approach and see what happens. If you think about it, what's the downside? Nothing. But maybe, just maybe, there is a big upside.