Right now there are a lot of challenges with digital marketing as email newsletter open rates drop off, people are unsubscribing in unprecedented numbers and social media engagement across all platforms continues to evolve and change. The real challenge is creating engagement, not just superficial engagement, but deep and meaningful engagement. 

My big question is always “what’s the one newsletter that you would never unsubscribe from and why?”. If we are good enough at identifying those certain elements that would prevent us from ever unsubscribing from this particular newsletter we can apply these learnings to our newsletters and all of our content in general. 

Now this sounds pretty simple, but is it really any more complicated? It’s easy to say that the information in your own newsletter is not as engaging, or relevant, or passion evoking as soon and that’s why people don’t engage as much - but is that true or is that just something you are telling yourself? And is it OK to accept that? I don’t think so. 

By way of an example, I’ve seen many speakers who are tasked with talking about fairly dry topics, delivering presentations that keep their audiences completely engaged and immersed. They are able to do this because they are great speakers who have developed excellent speaking skills. It’s not about the topic in my opinion. Or perhaps a fairer way of looking it is that it’s not just about the topic. 

Today the battle really is for engagement. We have little control over the rules and regulations that social media platforms impose, and from a marketing point of view, that scares me. Our email marketing is still something that we have control over, but it all amounts to nothing if no one reads what we are sending. 

So our challenge is to really learn from the newsletters we receive to try and work out why we have such a commitment to some, and why we will unsubscribe from others in a heartbeat. This information is extremely valuable and I get the feeling that not many of us have the answer to this. 

We need to take control of our marketing, so much of it is out of our hands and out of our control - so we need to be as smart as possible with the marketing that isn’t. Remember, it’s all about deep and meaningful engagement. Find the magic formula to create this with your audience and your business will boom.