I come across a lot of businesses who have giant lists pertaining to their marketing activity. Often they mistake doing a lot with being effective from a marketing point of view. I've rarely found this to be true.

When it comes to marketing there is a lot of value in the statement that it is better to do less but do what you do well. Rather than trying to action fifty great marketing ideas poorly, implement ten exceptionally well.

These ten ideas then form a very solid and dependable core to your business' marketing activity. Further to this, it is much easier to monitor what is working and what is not and this is important when it comes to marketing. After all, what is the point of doing marketing if it doesn't work.

Like any business related activity the dreaded FTI (failure to implement) is always lurking close by. If your 'to do' list is too long, it is more likely you won't get anything done which, as discussed previously, can have serious ramifications for your business.

The marketing process has more steps in it than most people realize. Each is equally important and it is easy to see that trying to do lots is not going to be as effective as taking a more strategic view to the entire process.

The following list is a good guideline to understanding the steps involved in the marketing process from the beginning. We need to apply most parts of this to each and every campaign, even if there are some overlaps.

  • Do your homework on your potential customers--who exactly do you want to do business with?
  • Find out about your competitors--what they are offering--and determine what makes your business different.
  • Establish your goals and objectives and be very clear about them.
  • Get your product right.
  • Develop your message and image for the campaign.
  • Develop your promotional material.
  • Determine how you will market to your targeted customers (mechanisms, platforms etc).
  • Start implementing your marketing activity for this campaign.
  • Monitor and evaluate what you are doing.
  • Keep marketing consistently.

Take a more controlled approach to your marketing--aim to do less but do it well and your business will enjoy greater results.