1. Ryan Blair

The serial entrepreneur, CEO of ViSalus Sciences, and author of Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain, talks about how his uncommon past made him into the millionaire he is today.

2. Rachael Chong

The founder and CEO of Catchafire discusses how she raised money and used pro-bono professional services to grow her for-profit organization that pairs volunteers with nonprofits.

3. Gabe Zichermann

CEO of Gamification Co., Zichermann talks about how making challenging games out of day-to-day interactions can improve the engagement of visitors to websites.

4. Dan Leahy

Co-founder of Savored, which offers members 30 percent discounts off at upscale restaurants, explains how a pair of young Wall Streeters decided to quit their jobs to launch the service, originally called VillageVines.

5. David Schwarz and Erik Karasyk

The founders of Hush Studios, which specializes in design and animation, talk about maintaining relationships and expectations of clients.