For the first time in recorded history, there are at least four distinct generations working alongside one another every day. The first three -- Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials -- are well-researched and understood; there are a wide variety of resources available dedicated to addressing the demands of each of these demographics.

But Gen Z, comprised of people born after 1995, are the up-and-coming target audience every major organization is desperate to connect with. Now, armed with their latest purchase, Facebook may have just pulled ahead in the race for Gen Z's affection and screen time.

Facebook's latest purchase, social app tbh, rose to prominence in the app store due its ability to strike an immediate chord with Gen Z. The anonymous polling app is helping Gen Z-ers spread positivity and improve their mental and emotional health. 

The real difference between Millennials and Gen Z is that their definition of "face-to-face" interaction has been digitalized. Even more than millennials, Gen Z-ers are the products of the Digital Revolution, growing up entirely online and valuing internet communities and instant interactions.

The recent success of tbh does more than just signify Facebook's dominance. The rise of tbh also offers a window into the mindsets of teens and young professionals who are looking for online platforms that facilitate authentic connections and positivity.

If you're looking to build a digital brand experience that resonates with Gen Z, look no further than tbh for inspiration. Here are a few of the facets that not only anchor tbh, but also comprise Gen Z's digital inclinations. 

1. Genuine interactions.

With the rise of visually interactive apps like Snapchat, FaceTime, and Facebook Live, Gen-Z expects to stay in communication with their friends and followers at all times. Successful platforms will incorporate elements that encourage content sharing amongst users.

According to TechCrunch, tbh's new partnership with Facebook should support new and exciting features for the app, like the direct message function launched this week. Apps like tbh appeal to Gen Z's constant craving for community and engagement, making it fun and easy for users to exchange positive feedback.

2. Fast, focused, customizable content.

Gen Z communicates with speed and efficiency, often using emojis instead of words and growing "accustomed to rapid-fire banter and commentary." They are also highly individualized, valuing diversity and customizable content.

3. Complete honesty and transparency.

More than half of Gen Z reports that honesty is the most important quality in a leader, and with increasing pressure for businesses to take themselves online, transparency is more important than ever.

Gen Z users are most likely to engage with apps that encourage honesty and candor, so it's not surprising that an app like tbh -- which allows users to submit their feedback to friends anonymously -- would have enormous appeal.

5. Positivity.

Although there are plenty of other considerations that factor into where Gen Z invests time and money, they are highly motivated to engage with businesses and platforms that are socially responsible.

When it comes to social media, Gen Z is committed to bridging the gap between "being liked" and being genuinely appreciated. While previous generations have primarily used social media as the online equivalent of keeping up with the Joneses, competing for likes and glorifying offline life, Gen Z has been finding ways to connect to one another more authentically online. tbh's positivity-driven polling system is the perfect fit for Gen Z-ers seeking a positive place to explore honest feedback from peers.

6. Customizable media .

Gen Z values speed, efficiency, and the ability to adjust tools and features to better suit their individual needs. tbh has partnered with Facebook in large part because they need the resources and expertise of such a large company to keep Gen Z interest in their platform as they continue to grow and expand their capabilities.

7. Promotion of honesty and integrity.

Gen Z values honesty and transparency almost above all else, and they are encouraged by platforms that encourage positive engagement. They are more likely to engage with socially responsible businesses that make a positive impact.

The unbelievable success of tbh's acquisition is indicative of the still largely untapped potential of the Gen Z market. tbh struck a chord with this demographic because it couples the honesty and candor teenagers crave with the positivity lacking in other anonymous feedback apps.

It creates a space for authentic communication and engagement with the speed and features teens have come to expect in an app. tbh is paving a pathway steeped in positivity, and brands now have the opportunity to follow in the app's lead and forge genuine connections with this demographic.