Every business aims to overtake their industry at some point. Yet, today's overcrowded market space is making the climb to come out on top harder than ever before. Complex marketing tactics of yesteryear no longer work for the average startup and websites are no longer all about design. You must have an optimized customer experience, an optimized funnel, and how about throwing in a mathematical formula for love and success?

With quick, viral and cut-rate customer growth at the hub of every business goal, conventional marketing and conversion tactics no longer work. Instead, businesses of all sizes are searching for the latest growth hacking strategies to unlock practically every aspect of their business's success.

As one of the most talked-about terms in the marketing world, growth hacking is shaping the way businesses make moves to expand. Plenty insist it's a complex strategy that requires the expertise of a technical marketer.

Yet, the truth is given the right tactics, marketers are perfectly poised to take on growth hacking, which in my opinion is still just advanced marketing tactics evolved.

If you're a marketer looking to tackle the choppy waters of growth hacking, a simple strategy can go a long way.

But, growth doesn't matter without a website that doesn't convert. Here's how to prime your site to be poised to take on all of that newfound growth:

When It Comes To Landing Pages, Get To The Point

No one has the time or patience anymore, which means they're not reading every piece of content on your screen. Today's customers will nose around to find what they want by scanning a screen in seconds. So, your landing page has zero time to dabble around. It needs to get straight to the point.

Avoid confusing your users by first whiting out cluttered interfaces and excessive call to actions. Maximize the amount of visibility your CTA gets by putting it in the center of your landing page. A clear and simple CTA will be your best bet in trying to drive lead generation.

What's more, squeaky wheel methods won't apply here. The best landing pages will avoid distracting users with too many requests and will direct attention to one CTA only.

Track User Behavior With Heat Map Tools

There's always room for improvement, and the same applies to your perfectly constructed landing page. Start by monitoring your visitors. Optimize your landing page and receive higher conversions by tracking user behavior with a heat map tool.

Tracking how users interact with your pages will allow you to understand your site's challenges. If you're looking to maximize conversions on your landing page, tracking user behavior has to be at the top of your list.

Make It Urgent

It might be a growth hack as old as time, but it's got legs. Consider items that you've been coaxed into buying on an e-commerce site. You probably decided to make those purchases after seeing sales offers were running out. The truth is customers tend to follow through with a purchase when they see an item's options are running out.

Create a sense of urgency for your customer by offering promotion codes that expire in a short amount of time. Alternatively, a countdown clock on a flash sale or notification about a limited product can do the trick.

Follow Your Competitors' Customers

Not every consumer has complete satisfaction with a company they do business with. Frequently they'll stick with a company because they don't know where else to go. Your competitor's online followers represent a niche group that you already know has an interest in the products your probably offer.

One of the cheapest ways to reach prospective customers is by following these customers online. Introduce yourself to them on social media by offering them a promotion for first-time purchases. They're likely to check out your social channels or even better, your site.

Get On Board With Re-Marketing

By now, most customers know that seeing the items they left in an online shopping cart on a new social channel is no coincidence. Everyone is aware of marketing's latest temptation technique. Still, it works. Re-marketing has helped businesses recover a large portion of the 96 percent of visitors whose action on a site typically falls through.
Re-marketing has proved to be a sound method of tracking users and reminding them of items they overlooked on websites they frequently visit. By using a tracking code, you can store data, on a users' device, and then use that information to display ads targeted directly to them.

It's a simple growth hack that gives your site a second chance at converting interested users. Get started by creating a tracking code and add it to your site.