In the five minutes before reading this, the majority of you probably watched a video on Facebook or Instagram. It's impossible not to, especially considering that they are everywhere. Whether it was a segment on the news, a sports highlight, a cat playing with yarn, or even the next great mac and cheese burger with barbeque on top, something was bound to catch your eye. And with how ubiquitous viral videos have become now, it's not hard to see why.

It's true that video content has been one of the most successful forms of advertising on social. With how easy they are to digest as well as catch someone's attention, the medium provides the perfect solution. But while watching these have become commonplace in our feed, they aren't always the easiest to produce. However, not to worry, as below I've listed out a few tips on how to plan and master social videos:

Be Concise, Be Consistent

This is one of the first things I'll tell a client when they're interested in expanding their video content. With mobile being a primary source of checking social media, the videos we watch are usually going to be less than one minute long, never longer than three. However, that's not to say we can't tell a great story in less than a minute (or two).

To tell an amazing story starts with your brand's strategy and voice. Are you a thought leader on current events in your industry? Do you have an entertaining take on pop culture? Whatever the case may be, hone in on how to make that consistent.

While it can be tough to know exactly what your brand needs without looking at it, there are a few overall rules you can follow in having a diverse content map to provide consistency. Think about the types of videos that fall into the categories we listed above and see how your brand fits.

For example, an EdTech company that's goal is to be informative could produce on a number of topics: legislative impacts on the education system, examples of exceptional teachers, tips on educating specific age groups, covering events, etc.

In each case, the content is confined to a similar guideline -- an overview of what the topic is, why it's important to know, and what could possibly happen next/commentary on position.

Regardless of the type of content you choose, social media never sleeps, so it's important to treat it as such.

Dedicate The Dollars To It

In trying to keep with such fast paced times, producing video content can be tough. After all, you need to compile clips, write overlays, shoot commentary, do edits...and depending on your needs, that list could go on and on.

Yet, dedicating the time and resources to production is something I can't emphasize enough if you want to take video content seriously. I know hiring someone on to help create content isn't cheap, but the payoff can be well worth the reward, especially when you consider companies like NowThis and Daily Beast have made it their bread and butter.

Beyond just the cost of having someone to produce content, it's also important to consider paid promotion of videos. While I'm not going to say you should push every single one to the top, do some test runs on what's successful for you, as well as highlight special features.

Authenticity Wins Every Time

At the end of the day, this is still your brand's social media account, which still has a life of its own. So, treat it as if this is a person who takes videos of their coworkers on a day-to-day or is genuinely excited about an event going on. Additionally, collaborate with those that you feel like follow within the same value system as yours, as these folks will help make your job even easier.

While it might not be simple at first to implement the steps need to create video content, it's well worth the effort. Beyond just being one of the most viewed and shared things on social, it additionally adds a layer to your brand that is still on the rise. And in the competitive arena that is someone's social feed, it just might be the extra step you need to grow th

Published on: May 9, 2017
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