It only makes sense that many of the world's top companies are lead by the greatest leaders--Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington and Bill Gates, for example. It takes great leadership to create a world-changing vision and inspire the people necessary to execute on that vision. Both your personal success, and the success of your company, are based on your ability as a leader.

But how, as an entrepreneur, do you make the move from dreamer to leader? While many leaders possess innate leadership skills, the rest of us become great leaders by adopting the mindsets and habits that great leaders share.

Here's a list of habits and behaviors that remarkable leaders make a part of their daily life.

1. They put their customers first

Successful companies are run by leaders that put customers first, even ahead of profits. Confident leaders know that doing the right thing by their customers will result in great outcomes for their business. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is a great example of this.

2. They know life's ultimate goal

The best leaders are not driven by external validation. Their ultimate goal is living a life of personal growth and fulfillment. They know that progress is made over time, and that they are works in progress themselves.

3. They live with integrity

Good leaders gain the trust and respect of their team members by consistently doing what they say, and saying what they do. Don't underestimate this point. Trust is everything when leading a team or company.

4. They're confident

Strong leaders are confident in their purpose and capabilities. They walk right to the edge of their comfort zones because they're confident in their ability to deliver.

5. They hire other leaders

Look next the most successful entrepreneurs and you'll see an elite team of talented leaders standing beside them. True leaders hire and train leaders, not simply someone who can fulfill the duties of a position.

6. They welcome feedback

The strongest leaders don't just listen to the opinions of their team members, they welcome them, knowing that in the long run extra input will lead to improvement.

7. They learn from mistakes

Good leaders acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes, even them. Whenever they make a misstep, they own it and find the gift in the experience.

8. They strive for self-growth

A good leader never stops looking for ways to improve, both as a leader and as a person. It's no surprise that many of the best leaders (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah, etc.) are voracious readers. Here's a list of great books you should add to your collection.

9. They delegate

Good leaders aren't afraid to delegate projects or tasks. They give their employees the freedom to take on new challenges and create successes for the company. 

10. They value a strong company culture

You reap what you sow when it comes to company culture, which is why good leaders put in the time and effort to create a culture that uplifts employees and empowers them toward a shared goal.

Final Word

Try using this same approach and adopting these top behaviors as you become a better and more successful leader. Approach your development as a work in progress, making consistent improvements over time. Before too long, you'll look back and marvel at how far you've grown.