It's 2020. Are you ready to say "yes" to your resolutions, bold plans and big goals? The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to think about all the changes and upgrades you want to make in your business and personal lives.

Attending a conference is one of the best ways to add new energy to your life. A great conference will put you in a position to create meaningful relationships, meet new people who can help you (or that you can help), close deals, learn from great content or top experts in a field, have fun and travel to a new place. 

In my experience, conferences are places were serendipity arises and presents me with opportunities I couldn't have predicted. For these reasons, I research conferences and plan my year around them. 

Here's my list of conferences that you should consider as you schedule out your year. Some of these conferences are business-related, and other conferences are designed to nourish and inspire you on a human level. Consider this list and say yes to an event that could have a big impact on your life.

1. Collision 

Dates: June 22-25

Location: Toronto, Canada

Anecdotally, Collision continues to be the most frequent answer when I ask others about the conference they most want to attend this year. There's good reason for this: Collision has established itself as one of the premier global business and entrepreneurship conferences.

While other conferences try to catch up, Collision presents the world's best speakers and curates content tracks that are as cutting-edge as they are thought-provoking. Also, and equally as important, Collision does a superb job of building community through networking and social events. You'll likely leave feeling inspired, educated and connected to a great community. 

2. Web Summit

Dates: November 2-5

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Consistently one of the biggest (and most popular) conferences, Web Summit offers entrepreneurs and leaders an exciting event with a global reach. The conference attracts a diverse list of world-class speakers (over 1,000) and facilitates content that inspires and empowers attendees. 

Web Summit provides ample opportunity to network with the 70,000 people that attend from over 160 countries. And thanks to Web Summit's leadership in diversity and inclusion, you'll be a part of (and benefit from) a community that more accurately represents the world we live in.

Also, Web Summit is committed to raising the profile of women in the tech space, and their speaker list reflects this commitment. It's great to see an organization making a tangible effort toward inclulsion and diversity. 

3. Startup Grind Global Conference

Dates: February 11-12

Location: Redwood City, California (Silicon Valley)

For many years now, Startup Grind Global Conference has created an event that competes with the biggest and best in the world. The two day experience is focused on actionable and candid advice from a "who's who" list of entrepreneurs, leaders, investors and innovators in Silicon Valley. The conference attracts and global demographic of entrepreneurs that share a passion for creating the future. 

4. Summit 

Dates: TBD (Previously in November)

Location: TBD (Previously in Los Angeles, California)

Summit is a self-described "ideas festival" that creates an experience for attendees to go deeper than a normal business conference. Summit attracts individuals who want to gather in community and collaborate on the big issues facing business and society. The event includes keynotes and discussions, and also provides wellness workshops and other experiences that help foster connection to others, connection to oneself and connection to purpose and fulfillment.  

5. TEDWomen

Dates: TBD (Previously in December)

Location: TBD (Previously in Palm Springs, California)

If you're looking for a conference centered around women, TEDWomen is a great option. The multi-day event attracts women (and male allies) that are actively changing the world. The event features the inspiring and moving presentations that TED is known for, and provides ample opportunities to network and build real relationships. 

6. South by Southwest (SXSW)

Dates: March 13-22

Location: Austin, Texas

SXSW needs little introduction: it is one of the most popular and anticipated conferences every year. SXSW sits at the intersection of business, technology, culture and the arts. The conference features top speakers, exciting music performances and ample opportunities to network and have fun in Austin. 

7. Hawkefest

Dates: TBD (Previously October)

Location: TBD (Previously in Los Angeles, California)

Hawkefest is a breath of fresh-air in the crowded world of online marketing conferences. The one-day conference highlights exciting and practical presentations from entrepreneurs, investors and experts in online marketing and e-commerce. If you run an online brand, or sell anything online, Hawkefest will help you learn from the best and give you a chance to network with other creative and successful entrepreneurs. 

8. The Human Gathering

Dates: April 2-4 (Spring); October 1-3 (Fall)

Locations: Malibu, California (Spring); Northern Idaho (Fall)

The Human Gathering started as a conference and has evolved into a community of executives, entrepreneurs and change-makers. The gatherings are curated experiences that feature world-class speakers and they attract a community of successful leaders that also prioritize making a positive impact on the world. The events have an intimate setting that helps build the deep, meaningful and sustainable relationships that help create real impact.  

9. TOPO Summit

Dates: April 23-24

Location: San Francisco, California

TOPO Summit is known as one of the key sales conferences of the year. The event features more than 65 speakers, 60 sessions and includes a number of different tracks to help attendees develop their skills and expand their knowledge. There is a unique focus on building sustainable sales organizations and teams, which is attractive in an age that focuses heavily on quick conversions. 

10. Ernst Young Strategic Growth Forum

Dates: TBD (Previously in November)

Location: TBD (Previously in Palm Springs, CA)

The Strategic Growth Forum brings together over 2,000 top executives, entrepreneurs and leaders in business. The invite-only conference focuses on all the elements that help businesses grow and succeed. Attendees will learn about growth, scaling and fundraising; and also have the opportunity to meet other highly-successful executives, entrepreneurs and investors. The event ends with an award gala. 

11. SF Blockchain Week

Dates: TBD (Previously in October/November)

Location: TBD (Previously in San Francisco, California)

SF Blockchain Week brings together leaders, academics, regulators, entrepreneurs and change-makers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. In addition to the latest and most relevant content, SF Blockchain Week also includes a career fair, security conference and events for programmers within the week. 

12. Pulse 

Dates: May 13-14

Location: San Francisco, California

Customer service is an overlooked source of revenue and success, and Pulse conference focuses on just that: maximizing customer service efforts and its benefits. This is an event to learn from the best customer service experts, attend focused content sessions and network with other attendees. 

13. Saastr Annual 2020

Dates: March 10-12

Location: San Jose, California

Saastr Annual has grown into the leading conference for cloud computing, SAAS and software. Over 15,000 attendees will learn from the most successful cloud-based entrepreneurs, investors and executives across over 300 content sessions. There are also small group meetings and "brain-dates" for more intimate and collaborative learning. 

14. Mobile World Congress

Dates: February 24-27

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World Congress is a massive international conference that focuses on the latest trends in technology, especially with respect to consumer electronics, telecom, internet of things and automation. Attendees include entrepreneurs, investors, small businesses and executives from major corporations. 

15. Internet of Things World (IoT World)

Dates: April 6-9

Location: San Jose, California

As one of the largest conferences focused solely on the Internet of Things, IoT World is a "can't miss" event for anyone in, or interested in, the IoT industry. The event brings together top entrepreneurs, leaders, regulators and executives to share their expertise and perspectives. The event has a space for exhibitors and compliments the content with opportunities to network with like-minded professionals. 

16. TEDx

Dates: Multiple events throughout the year

Location: Multiple locations throughout the year

TEDx conferences are regionally organized events that provide attendees with a great opportunity to learn and be inspired. They are usually organized around a day's worth of presentations from change-makers, experts and leaders that are doing big things in a variety of fields. Equally as valuable as the content itself, the attendees at TEDx events tend to be people who want to grow as people, expand their horizons and go deep into how they are making an impact in the world. 

17. TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Dates: September 14-16

Location: San Francisco, California

TechCrunch Disrupt SF continues to uphold its reputation as one of the top startup conferences of the year. Attendees will hear presentations and advice from Silicon Valley's most iconic founders, investors and leaders. Of course, the famous Startup Battlefield pitch competition adds a level of competition to an already exciting conference. 

18. Consensus

Dates: May 11-13

Location: New York City, New York 

CoinDesk's Consensus conference is a global event for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. The conference continues to create an exhilarating atmosphere that combines world-class speakers and content with the latest innovations and startups. 

19. Wisdom 2.0

Dates: March 5-8

Location: San Francisco, California

Wisdom 2.0 extends beyond the world of business and entrepreneurship, and focuses more on wellness, health and human connection. Speakers, leaders and attendees are focused on a shared belief that mindfulness and wellness are as important as technology and profits. It's a nourishing event in the heart of Silicon Valley, a place that can truly benefit from adding more focus on mindfulness, mental health and personal fulfillment.

20. Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Dates: January 6-9

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

If you're in the consumer electronics industry, you likely know about, or will be attending, CES. It is a massive conference that brings together the latest breakthroughs in consumer technology. It's also the place for startups to showcase their new inventions and hope to create a new product category. 

Final Word

Attending a conference involves time, money and travel. However, the best things in life usually require some amount of effort. A great conference falls in that category. For a few days, you can focus on learning, growing, connecting with new people and expanding your life in different ways. Review this list and consider attending the conference that resonates with you and aligns with your plans for 2020.