You possess the power to create the business and life you want. You won't fully realize that power, however, if you spend time focusing on the negative thoughts that doom so many entrepreneurs. And you certainly won't succeed if you think it's okay to vocalize your worries, internally or externally, by complaining.

The tricky part about complaining is that most of the time it's about something that might be true. "I don't have enough funding." "Our product launch is delayed." "Things aren't moving fast enough." Even though these statements might be true, people don't want to hear complaints -- and complaints won't help you find a solution.

I know complaining well. In my mid-twenties, I complained so much my brother had to call me out. I'm glad he did, because it sparked a process of exploring why I complained and how to fix it. This article contains the results of that effort so you don't need to go through the whole process yourself.

Here are seven daily habits that helped me to stop complaining and to start attracting more happiness, fulfillment and success in my life.

1. Watch uplifting videos

I regularly watch or listen to videos and talks that uplift me, and remind me of my creative power and the Law of Attraction. I watch videos from Jim Carrey, Alan Watts, Kute Blackson, Abraham Hicks, Oprah and many more.

Tap into the power of positive thinking by consuming content that shifts you from a victim mindset to a creator mindset. And it's so easy. You can download videos from off Youtube, listen to podcasts, and use the TED app to download talks to your smartphone.

2. Be nice to yourself

Rather than creating and trapping yourself in a negative reality with habitual complaining, find ways to treat yourself well. Say nice things to yourself instead of hurtful and limiting self-talk. Get massages, relax with a good book or friends, go get your nails done, or plan a weekend getaway. Take time to reward yourself just for being you.

3. Use the power of intention

State and repeat a written intention to stop complaining and make it part of your daily awareness. Use a mantra that focuses on the positive, such as "I am anticipating a pleasant surprise." What we focus on expands, so keep your intention front of mind. It also helps to meditate on this mantra so you can really feel it.

4. Keep a gratitude journal

One hack that has changed my life is the nighttime habit of writing down three things I was grateful for that day. Your sources of gratitude may be profound, such as closing a big business deal, or simply a bright spot in your day. If you can't think of anything, write that you are alive, you have shelter and you have food. That's more than many people can say.

5. Tell others about your goal

Let the people closest to you know that you want to stop being negative. Ask for their help with building awareness by having them tell you when you complain. My brother and roommates really helped me with this. You'll probably find that your friends will be excited to help.

6. Take up a new sport or activity

I've noticed that I tend to complain more frequently when I feel stagnated or bored. There's a fun remedy that will help you feel empowered again: learn something new.

It can be anything you are curious about or enjoy. Learn a new language. Take dancing lessons. Do yoga. The act of learning, progressing and achieving will bring excitement and empowerment to your life. I took up surfing and boxing, and it worked well for me.

7. Go out and play

Somewhere along the path to adulthood, we lose touch with our child-like and natural inclination to "play." Playing can be anything that you find fun. Go camping and hunt for sticks to roast s'mores, spend time with friends, or just goof around. You can accelerate this feeling by getting down on the floor and playing with your kids, nieces and nephews.

Final word

Complaining is a negative habit that affects us mentally, emotionally and physically. By turning to some simple daily practices, you can rid yourself of this self-defeating habit - and watch the world around you change.