You rarely, if ever, hear a successful entrepreneur say "I'm glad it's Friday." The life of an entrepreneur never stops. Every day is Tuesday.

It's easy to fall into the belief that we must work 24/7. I'm all for hustling, but working all the time is a recipe for burnout - which doesn't actually help you or your business.

One way to avoid burnout is to use weekends to refuel and prepare yourself for the week ahead. If you use them wisely, these two days to amplify your creative power and further your success. You'll end up ahead, even if you don't work all weekend.

Here are seven ways to make the most of your weekend.

Spend time dreaming

It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day tasks of running a business that you forget to think about why you're working so hard in the first place. Weekends are a great time to reflect on where you are and what you want to create in your life.

My success increased when I spent more time visualizing and defining what I wanted in life, and in business. Weekends are my time to tap into my intuition, assess where I am in my creative journey and reflect on the things in my life that are serving me (or not).

Hang out with the people who inspire you

Entrepreneurship can feel lonely and isolating, but it doesn't have to be. Break out of the isolation by joining a mastermind group, or schedule a drink with a friend who makes you feel refreshed and inspired. It's so important to stay tapped into that the people and things that inspire you. Also, avoid hanging out with toxic people.

Take a "micro-trip"

You might not have time for a vacation, but it helps to get out of your normal routine. And you don't have to go far.

A quick weekend escape helps you leave behind the daily responsibilities and decompress before you start all over again. Airbnb makes this easy and inexpensive.

Plan a big trip

An extended vacation once a year can refuel your creativity and inspiration, and amplify your focus when you return. Planning the trip can be almost as fun as taking the trip itself. Planning involves creativity and imagination, which flows into your work. Allow the process to inspire you and enjoy the anticipation of your next adventure.


Play can mean different things to different people as long as it's fun and allows you to blow off steam. It could be surfing, hitting the town or catching up with friends. Whatever you like to do for fun, try and do it on the weekends.

Make time for family and significant others

If you're feeling guilty because you're so busy running your business and building your empire that you never have time for your family, let go of the guilt and schedule time to reconnect on the weekend. Making time for what's important outside of our business lives, helps us to be productive and focused when we turn our attention back to working on our business.

Sunday is for reflecting

I like to spend part of my Sunday in reflection, evaluating the progress I'm making with my goals and intentions. The other half of the day, I use for planning and getting ready for the upcoming week. This allows me to lock down what I want to accomplish for the week and integrate my intentions into my weekly plan.


You don't stop being an entrepreneur on the weekend, but you can make the weekends about having fun, reflecting and laying the foundation for a great week. Consider it a gift to yourself. If you use your weekends wisely, you'll feel rested and inspired, and ready to start your week.