Are you looking for a big New Year's resolution that will help you elevate to the next level of your career? You should consider making a strong effort to attend more conferences in 2017.

Attending conferences added so much value to my life in 2016. I formed friendships with incredible entrepreneurs, landed some big deals, and gained the inspiration I needed to reach my goals in 2016. I will be attending even more conferences in 2017.

The hard part is sifting through all the conferences to identify the ones that are truly worth your time and money. I've taken care of this for you by compiling a list of the top conferences for entrepreneurs in 2017.

These selections are based on the event's reputation, my personal experiences, and direct feedback from other entrepreneurs in my network who have previously attended the events.


When: February 7th to 9th

Where: San Francisco, CA

If you're in the SaaS industry, or you want to be, this is a can't-miss conference. You'll enjoy a lineup of extremely successful SaaS entrepreneurs and have the chance to learn and discuss the latest ideas and tactics for building and scaling a SaaS business.

When: February 21st to 22nd

Where: Redwood City, CA

Thanks to Derek Andersen and his team, Startup Grind has quickly become one of the top startup events in the world. The two-day conference has a reputation for a lineup to rival that of any other business conference, including successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and tech industry visionaries. With top-notch attendees from around the world, Startup Grind also offers excellent marketing and networking opportunities.

When: February 27th to March 2nd

Where: Barcelona, Spain

One of the best international conferences in the world, Mobile World Congress matches its size with quality. Panels range across the very latest tech in industry insiders and business leaders, and the networking is outstanding. Plus it's in Barcelona!

When: March 10th to 19th

Where: Austin, Texas

SXSW embodies the convergence of tech, arts and humanity, providing the best cultural experience of any conference I've attended. SXSW veterans know that the power of this conference goes beyond the panels. It's all about the networking, parties and events, where you'll find tech leaders and influencers around every corner of Austin.

When: April 6th to 8th

Where: Los Angeles, CA

This invitation-only conference brings together some of the world's most influential business leaders, executives and accredited investors. Justin Kan (Twitch), Peter Diamandis (XPRIZE), Randy Jackson (American Idol) and Sheri Salata (Oprah Winfrey Network) are just a few of the people slated for on-stage interviews in 2017. What's more: 100 percent of the event proceeds go to support A Human Project, an international nonprofit that focuses on ending human dysfunction.

When: April 25 to 27

Where: Phoenix, Arizona

Sponsored and organized by Infusionsoft, ICON is a conference for small-business owners, offering one-on-one time with marketing experts, educational breakout sessions and content geared toward helping you be more successful. Past speakers include Marcus Lemonis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Pam Slim and a host of small-business experts from the Infusionsoft staff.

When: May 2nd to 4th

Where: New Orleans, LA

From the organizers of Web Summit, Collision is regarded as one of the best conferences in the world for tech entrepreneurs. Many of my peers rave about every aspect of this conference: From the attendees and speakers, to the networking opportunities. Collision attracts CEOs and founders of some of the fastest growing, most disruptive companies on the planet, while providing ample opportunity to meet potential co-founders, investors or inspiring friends.

When: May 8th to 10th

Where: New Orleans, LA

The key focus of this conference is one of the most important aspects of business success: growth. GrowCo is a great place to network with truly creative and inspiring entrepreneurs, and to learn from industry leaders. Previous speakers include entrepreneur and investor Chris Sacca, actor and SoulPancake co-founder Rainn Wilson, and Michelle Phan, founder of the beauty product curation site, ipsy.

When: May 15th to 18th

Where: New York City, NY

Disrupt NYC is worthy of its reputation as the hottest tech event of the year. This conference includes the most influential tech speakers in the world, informative panels, the famous Startup Battlefield pitch competition, and some of the best networking you'll find all year.

When: May 31st to June 1st

Where: Sydney, Australia

Built on the principles of continual evolution and development, the World Business Forum gathers influential leaders from around the world to stimulate new ideas and inspire action. The speakers list is a who's who of international business leaders. It's also a great reason to take a trip to Australia!

When: 1st week of June

Where: New York City, NY

Despite being one of the smaller, more niche conferences on this list, the Next Gen Summit is the go-to conference for up-and-coming and millennial entrepreneurs. The speakers include young founders who have built successful businesses in today's modern online landscape.

When: Multiple conferences in multiple cities across America

Where: Check the dates for a conference in your area

Driven by a passion to connect and empower entrepreneurs on a local level, Techweek organizes multiple, week-long conferences in cities throughout the country. Each event focuses on supporting the startup ecosystem in the respective local area. Techweek celebrates entrepreneurship with conferences throughout the U.S., including Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles and more.

When: July 11th to 17th

Where: Portland, OR

Consider attending World Domination Summit if you're looking for a sense of adventure and disruption. You'll join a few thousand disrupters, growth hackers and others who want to create the future, not just talk about it.

When: September 18th to 20th

Where: San Francisco, CA

This West Coast version of the famous TechCrunch Disrupt event is a can't miss for startup founders, entrepreneurs and investors.

When: October 10th to 12th

Where: Palm Desert, CA

This event celebrates the INC 5000, a list of the fastest growing companies in the United States. During this three-day conference, you'll hear inspirational keynotes and rub elbows with the founders of some the companies on the list. Don't forget your black-tie attire for the gala and award ceremony.

When: TBD (2016 was in late October)

Where: San Francisco, CA

This seven-day conference is designed to fully immerse you into the Lean Startup methodology popularized by Eric Ries in his book, The Lean Startup. This event is for you if you're interested in hacking business models, mastering the lean startup process, and learning from the companies that have used the methodology successfully.

When: TBD (2016 was in early November)

Where: New York City, NY

This premier event brings together the world's most influential leaders and entrepreneurs to empower, inspire and equip women leaders. The speaker list is always impressive; last year's list included Barbara Corcoran and Venus Williams.

When: November 3rd to 6th

Where: Los Angeles, CA

At Summit, you'll connect with conscious leaders in technology, startups, arts and culture. From the creators of Summit-at-Sea, Summit is replacing the exclusive cruise with a "world's fair" themed event in Los Angeles. The goal is to bring together the brightest minds across multiple disciplines, for inspiring and meaningful experiences.

When: November 6th to 9th

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit is one of the very largest business conference events of the year, with more than 53,000 annual attendees, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and world-leaders who come together to discuss how technology is shaping our future. I hear great things about this conference.

Marketing and Branding

When: February 21st to 23rd

Where: Dallas, TX

Looking to hone your online marketing and funnel skills? Funnel Hacking Live is a fasted-paced conference where you will learn practical skills from the leading innovators in digital marketing and lead generation. As the name implies, this conference is focused on conversion funnels and growth-hacking.

When: March 10th to 12th

Where: San Diego, CA

The Traffic & Conversions Summit is designed to teach you the skills to improve your online marketing performance. All of the content and keynote speeches are geared for action. There's even the option to attend via the Internet live-stream, which helps save on travel costs.

When: June 22nd - 24th

Where: Orlando, FL

If you're a blogger, influencer or content creator, you'll want to attend this women-focused conference. Whether you're just starting out or have a million subscribers, BlogHer will empower you with the tools and information needed for sustainable growth. It's also a great place to network and learn from other doers.

When: 3rd week of July (check for updates)

Where: Las Vegas, NV

This event is all about two things: personal branding and pursuing the life you want. It's also a conference about taking action. You'll dive deep into building the skills and tactics needed to build your personal brand and build the business you want. Last year's event was headlined by Gary Vaynerchuk.

When: July 17th - 19th

Where: Seattle, WA

MozCon is a can't miss event for any entrepreneur looking to enhance their online marketing repertoire. This three-day conference includes exciting speakers and workshops where you'll learn the very latest trends, hacks and ideas from social media, SEO and content marketing.

When: September 25th to 28th

Where: Boston, MA

Learn the latest marketing strategies and tactics at this conference organized by HubSpot. This event includes top-notch keynote speakers, and is a great opportunity to meet talented and ambitious marketing professionals.

Personal Development and Spirituality

When: January 20th to 22nd

Where: Orlando, FL

This workshop-oriented conference is all about understanding how your mind and biology affect the life you experience. Whether you're a millionaire or just starting out, David Bayer's neuroscience-based event focuses on using the power of positive thinking to help you find clarity, while empowering you with the mental tools to realize your potential.

When: January; May

Where: Boca Raton, FL; Gold Coast, Australia

This event is so legendary that it has it's own documentary. If you can get beyond the sticker shock, Date With Destiny is an event with the power to change your life by helping you find your purpose and remove the blockages that keep you from living your truth, and reaching your full potential.

When: February 17th to 20th

Where: San Francisco, CA

Wisdom 2.0 addresses the great challenge of our age: To connect to one another through technology in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being, be more effective in our work, and provide utility to the world. Wisdom 2.0 attracts more than 2,500 people from over 24 countries and strives to bring this conversation to the world in an accessible, innovative, and inclusive way.

When: April 1st to 2nd

Where: San Jose, CA

This exclusive event is for conscious entrepreneurs, execs and leaders committed to building positive teams and cultures that amplify the impact of their efforts throughout the world. This event is invite only, so be proactive in obtaining an invitation.

When: August 27th to September 4th

Where: The Playa, NV

One of the most polarizing (and misunderstood) events of the year, Burning Man is a gathering of people from all walks of life to explore the boundaries of human potential. Burning Man is extremely popular among technologists, including Google's Larry Page and Tesla's Elon Musk.

Note: Some of the dates and locations of a conference may not be final, and some can change. Be sure to subscribe to their social channel to stay on top of the time and location.

Correction: An earlier version of this column misidentified the organizer of the Collision conference. It is Web Summit.