I had someone tell me at a recent session that he was hoping I'd give him the "silver bullet" for being a more credible leader and creating a better culture - I told him he was the silver bullet.

This is true. You are the "silver bullet" for your own leadership.

I have sixteen things for you today... They are basic, simple, and powerful. I've worked with over thirty-six different groups, and thousands of people, in the last six months. Different industries, organizations, levels of leadership, and issues. All human. All with the desire to show up, do more good, and create the results and impact desired. Culture of course always a core topic point. So I have some thoughts for you.

First a few questions:

  • What results do you truly want?
  • What culture do you truly want?
  • And are you Showing Up in a way that will contribute to creating them/it?  

Here are ten ways to - for sure - not create a healthy culture or the quality of results and relationships you want in your life:

Claim that...  

  1. You want a healthy culture or relationship, and then complain about the culture (or relationship).
  2. You want a healthy culture, and then walk around with "I'm not the problem, 'they' are" energy.
  3. You want a healthy culture and a healthy body, and then ignore self-care, at best compromising your energy, stamina, and best thinking abilities, and ultimately burning yourself out - or worse.
  4. You want a healthy culture and great results, and then show up to meetings late, unintentional, crossed arms, side-barring, "busy," assuming "this won't work" or "this meeting will suck," and not present.
  5. You want a healthy culture, and then pride yourself on being "challenging" to work with or for. (Perhaps you disguise it as being "provocative" or "making people think.")
  6. You want a healthy culture and great relationships, and then gossip, talk bad about people, and/or don't give them direct feedback.
  7. You want a healthy culture, and then when new ideas come up to make it so, shut them down, judge them, stay closed. (Because apparently authenticity, risk, and innovation are not a part of your cultural optimization plan.)
  8. You want a healthy culture, and then continue to make people wrong for their past mistakes.
  9. You want a healthy culture, and then walk around disconnected from the humans, maybe even feeling a bit superior - or inferior - to all of them.
  10. You want a healthy culture, and then wait for others to change...

Are any of these familiar to you? I know I've definitely held some of this - most people, in my experience have or do.

These ten things show up in some way, shape, or form, often. It's not because we're bad, we're human, and sometimes we just don't know. Sometimes we're tired and we forget. No big deal. All fixable. Great news is that it starts with awareness. If any of these ten things resonated for you (or even better, created a strong reaction for you), awesome, you're closer to impact because now it's likely you've just tapped deeper awareness. I hold this work in leadership and culture as being 70% about awareness and 30% about what we actually do with it. Awareness is power - once you have it, you're at choice to shift.

What to do instead (besides the opposite of these)?

Here are six ways to up-level culture, results, and relationships, instantly through how you show up.

Before you walk into any room, interaction, or meeting with your board, your team, your patients, your students, the barista, or your kids, consider:

  • What is the energy, presence, and intention I am bringing into a room?
  • What is the regard I have for the humans I work with?
  • What is the body language and the demeanor I hold in a meeting?
  • What is the "energetic nametag" I am wearing? (Defense, busy, blame, "prove it," superiority, resistance, complacency? Or openness, curiosity, presence,  accountability, responsiveness, "I want you to win," "I'm in this with you," "How can I help things go better?")
  • Am I an invitation for people to work with me? Am I an invitation for risk taking and authenticity?
  • And, oh, by, the, way... am I PRESENT?

Ask, and act upon these, and you are on your way. You have a ton of power and influence here. Tons.

You are the silver bullet for your own leadership.

And great news... You are contagious. For good or bad.

And more great news...I've posted a whole other article on how to address and nourish YOU so you can be even more positively contagious and influential (and enjoy all of this even more)!

Published on: Jul 24, 2018
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