I love a good snooze. Especially on a rainy day.

I have two ways of handling snooze, the "good way": Alarm goes off, I wake up, I breathe, smile, hit snooze. And then I consciously use my 9 minutes to set my intentions (how I want to feel today, how I want to Show Up, and what I want to create), feel my body wake up (well hello body), be grateful (everything counts), and plan my day (what wants and needs to happen today, when and how).

When the alarm goes off again, I'm set. I'm up. I'm wide awake. My feet hit the floor. The bed is made. The teeth are brushed. The day is rockin. And the dog hasn't even gone out yet.

That's a good morning. When I choose this, I know my day will be sharp, crisp, on purpose. I'll be better set up for whatever unfolds. And even better, I know I've honored myself by leading and seizing the day vs. abdicating and snoozing through it.

Then there's the other kind of snooze: The alarm goes off, I'm in the middle of a dream (which I obviously need to go back into to find out what happens), I'm foggy, and that snooze button gets a beating. Over and over again. God forbid it's raining out, or dark, I'll be there for another hour. The workout or writing that was slated for that hour? Buh bye.

When that happens, the day starts slow, groggy, and behind. I know I'd have been better served by just giving myself that extra hour without interruption. (I find when I'm conscious of this before I go to sleep, and plan that extra hour intentionally, my sleep and next morning is magic.)

Mel Robbins talks about the science of the snooze in her latest book "The 5-Second Rule". Basically, when we snooze, we set our bodies up for another sleep cycle which is typically 90-110 minutes, our bodies get jarred, which impacts our brains and creates "sleep inertia" that can take up to four hours to wear off, and on and on.

Bottom line, when we snooze, we're not at our best. And it sets the tone.

What's more, in addition to not having an optimally awesome brain to work with, the day is not set up, and there's likely another kind of mental/emotional fatigue that comes with breaking an agreement with oneself. Ugh.

So... no snoozes. AND if you want those 9 (or 15) minutes -- wake up and use them intentionally.

Maybe these scenarios are familiar to you. Maybe you have your own version of them. What's important is that you are awake to how you're setting the tone for your day.

The power of the morning ritual

Let's take it a step further and talk ritual in service of setting tone. Here are a couple of things to play with that I've personally found highly useful. As always, take, toss, or tweak as they serve!

What you need

  1. Wake up -- Get out of bed... Either don't snooze at all OR partner with your snooze button and use your 9 (or 15) intentionally.
  2. Set intentions. How do I want to feel? How do I want to Show Up? What do I want to create today?
  3. Attitude of gratitude. Name 3 things. Anything and everything counts. What's important is that it's authentic and you feel it.
  4. Make your bed. Enough said.
  5. Brush your teeth, wash your face, do your thing. All with consciousness and intent with every move.
  6. Move. Dance, move, stretch, hit up the push-ups. Do something to get you into your body before the day even starts.
  7. Make and pour with intention. Coffee/water/tea/juice?
  8. Make your first meal of the day with intention and presence. This food is going to set you up. Honor it.
  9. Play the gratitude and intention game with your kids over breakfast or on the ride to school.
  10. Activate your heart and brain. Morning pages, journaling, reading, watching a Ted Talk, whatever gets your brain going, attentive, smarter.
  11. Meditate. This can be 5 minutes of quiet. It can be pouring that coffee. It can be a deep practice. It can be breath. Enjoy it.
  12. Decide to stay high vibe. Lots will happen today, you don't know what. Staying "high vibe" and reframing will help you find solutions, opportunities, and gratitude keeping you in a more resourceful state.
  13. Source magic for the day. Create it. Look for it. Be it.

Do one, do all, make up your own. And remember that truly, YOU set the tone.

Happy Monday!