In my work with business leaders and entrepreneurs there's often a push to go go go... get'er done get'er done... and "sleep when I'm dead". I totally get this. These are often necessary mindsets and frames to support agile business, solid results, and yes... getting it done. Necessary. Important. Doing whatever it takes. Yes, it's essential to Show Up.

Got it.

And it's also essential to Show Up for ourselves as humans and business leaders. Essential. In the land of "killing it", going slow to go fast and even letting your leadership "take a nap" for a day can be some of the highest leverage moves to accelerate your business impact.

Burnout, exhaustion, muscling through it are not the best states to lead from, inspire from, or create results. Breath and a bit of downtime can be magic, creating more space for creative thinking, clarity, and hootzpah. And when you think you just can't take the time off? That's likely when you need it most.

So let's do it.

Today (or on your next day off), let yourself truly have it. Ready? Here are 25 ways to have it..

  1. Give yourself full permission to unplug.
  2. Wake up on your own time.
  3. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea. Really. Enjoy it.
  4. Do your morning ritual (don't have one? Make one. More on this soon.)
  5. Workout - anyway you like.
  6. Take a walk.
  7. Hit up the water.
  8. Visit family or friends (if this is relaxing and soul nourishing for you). Stay off social media (let this article be the last thing you read today, come on now, go....)
  9. Clean your closet or your pantry or your fridge or your car or your garage or you top drawer -- or all of the above (again, if it's life giving and will set you and your energy up for greater success tomorrow).
  10. Write in your journal.
  11. Set your intentions for the rest of the year (ummm... we have 4 months left in 2017! What do you want the rest of this year to be about for you?)
  12. Set your intentions for who you're becoming as a leader in your life (what are the characteristics and skills you'd like to develop? How do you want to show up?)
  13. Do nothing. That's right, absolutely nothing at all. I dare you.
  14. Dive into a movie marathon and a bowl of popcorn and your fuzzy socks.
  15. Cuddle up with a loved one.
  16. Do nothing. That's right, I'm putting it in here again.
  17. Meditate.
  18. Call people you love and appreciate and tell them. Better yet, tell them why, their impact on your life, and how you experience them.
  19. Donate something meaningful to something you care about (we are not short on causes right now. Lean in.)
  20. Read a book. A really good book.
  21. Write up a training plan; training for your body, mind, and soul. Do whatever you need to do today to set yourself up with step one tomorrow.
  22. Do nothing. Yep.
  23. Take amazing care of your body. Whatever this means to you.
  24. Get in extra love time. Again, whatever this means to you.
  25. Hug someone. Many someones. (Self hugs count too.)
  26. Create your own adventure...

Case in point? Show Up today for you. Let yourself have it. See, the beauty is this... when we Show Up for ourselves, we're more fueled and energized and able to show up fully for others. Everyone wins.

So go win.

Happy Labor Day.


Want more of this? Check out my blog where I just released an article this past week on 5 ways to lead better by doing less this weekend. Again... Go!