I sometimes am asked to sit in on interviews with leadership candidates to give feedback on energetic presence, intent and impact styles, and collaboration and leadership prowess. As we've been growing our own team to further expand the IEP Method, I've gotten to do this for myself. It's been exciting and challenging. Daunting and delightful. And I've noticed patterns.

As we've interviewed and on-boarded new team members -- I've identified 7 Core C's I look for in hiring. Several of these were unconscious of me before I put intention and attention on them. But the more I do this for myself and others, and the deeper I dig, the more helpful and clarifying I find the C's to be.

Some of them are harder to sort for up front, however, are also intuitively accessible if you are clear and present in the process and listening to your intuition. (Oh ya, that... you have to listen.)

Finally, if you have the majority up front, AND the person feels like a great addition to the organization, some of the C's can be nourished and developed while others maybe not so much depending on the role and your criteria priorities. It's up to you to determine which are essential, and which you're willing to work with -- or not. What's most important is that you are aware and clear about what you're sorting for (and why).

There are plenty of things to sort for (I'm working on the A to Zs of hiring now) - these are just the 7C's. In my book Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives (McGraw-Hill), I have an entire chapter, "Hiring & Firing for the Energetic Good of All", devoted to this topic. The 7 C's are not in that chapter. So as this fits and serves, clip it out and slip it into your hiring and leadership practices.

1.      Competency. Can the person do their job? Can they successfully complete the tasks, roles, and desires of the role? Can they do it proactively, with rigor, and as a value-add? You can test for these up front (pre-hire projects), you can check into capabilities via their past experience, and of course you can ask; a clean hire will often give you a "strong" point and a "weak" point (that they're hungry to develop or they simply can't commit to).

2.      Character. Does this person have solid character and integrity? Do they tell the truth? Do they own mistakes? Do they ask for help? Do they show up on time? Do they follow through? Are they their word? Do they talk badly about others or past employers? Do they have gratitude? Do they take "ownership" of their results and what they create?

3.      Credibility. Do they have the background to back their story and resume up? Can they share tangible results with you? Energetically, do you believe this person's competency and character -- if even on an intuitive level? Listen, stay open, get curious. Pay attention.

4.      Capacity. Do they have the time, focus, and bandwidth to really truly do the job? Are they good at focusing, managing their time and energy, taking care of themselves so they can do their best work, and being proactive about getting things done so that capacity is never an issue? Can they self-manage their focus with email, phones, and texting? Are they managing multiple clients or employers outside of you? Do they have the capacity to succeed in your company?

5.      Courage. Do they choose integrity over ease and comfort? Do they take risks, ask for what they need/want, give you feedback, go against the grain when they think it's best? Do they show up?

6.      Collaboratability. Yes. I made up that word. How are they in collaboration? What language do they use? Do they have their team members' backs? Do they use "we" or "I" language? When you ask them what's important about working on a team or with your organization -- do their answers point to "team" and "impact" or to "me" and "me"?

7.      Cleanliness. Silly maybe, but really. Look. Are they clean? Do they take care of themselves? Do they clean up after themselves? Are they organized? Does their presence create clarity and expansion or fogginess and contraction?

What else would you add to the list? Charisma? Communication? Care? You bet... I could go on forever. (Especially about "communication" and since I write about that so much, I'll leave you to it.)

Bottom line...  Identify your criteria and make your list. #worthit.

Two last things before we hit up our Monday...

It's important to note that these C's are not about perfection or make wrong, but rather presence, consciousness, and setting people up for success.

And finally (and most valuable IMHO)... Use these on yourself. I've found these incredibly helpful to measure myself against as a leader. How am I doing? How do I Show Up? How do I create MORE of the C's in the people I lead, or not? And this, of course, can be the most useful place to look.

To growth.

Happy Monday.

Published on: Nov 13, 2017