It's Monday! Ready to up-level your impact and increase your leadership range? Here are 4Gs of Leadership--qualities and practices I've noticed high impact leaders practice and continue to expand upon--daily. Not only do these 4Gs serve those they lead, they serve their own energy, productivity, and sense of personal power as well. And they're contagious. Adopt one or all of them today, in whatever way most resonates for you, and energize your Monday, yourself, and the people you lead.

Generosity. A high impact leader is generous with herself and others. Give extra today. It doesn't have to be a lot. A little goes a long way. Generosity can come in the form of a coffee, a meal, a gift, an acknowledgement, a secret contribution, a bit of grace and kindness, or simply in the gift of you being fully present with whomever you're with. Give a little, give a lot. Just be generous.

Gratitude. A high impact leader sees and appreciates people, finding gratitude in anything. My favorite energizer in the book? The state of gratitude. Amp up the gratitude today. For everything. Even if your day started out icky. Grateful for toothpaste? Grateful for your health? Grateful for the shirt on your back? Grateful for your business? Your team? Your ability to create impact? Grateful for that coffee you're drinking right now? Your ability to read this article? The people you have in your life? Every breath is an opportunity for gratitude. Use each opportunity in a big way today.

Grace. A high impact leader practices grace. That thing that ticked you off? That person you have no patience for? That mistake you made that you're still beating yourself up for? The guy in front of you who's moving slow? The grudge you've been holding? The mistake your direct report made on a Monday that's going to cost you hours of clean up? All opportunities for grace. Give it grace. Breathe. Find the learning. And then flash a bit of generosity and gratitude for good measure.

Growth. A high impact leader continues to stay on his edge, growing into the next level of impact. This will keep you on your toes. One of our greatest needs as human beings is to grow. So grow. What are you stepping into? Where are you hungry to do more? Where are you dissatisfied? Where do you feel the "pull"? All of the questions offer opportunities to grow. Hop to.

Which of the 4 G's feel most important for you? Which are no-brainers and just naturally part of who you are? Which ones, given a bit of TLC and intention, will give you the highest ROI for enhancing your ability to create impact? Grab them and go.

Published on: May 18, 2015
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