"It's Monday!"

As your alarm goes off you debate how many times you'll be hitting snooze today.

"Monday!" Or "Tuesday!" or "Wednesday!" You're either delighted or depressed by this thought.

What you do next, what you think next, what you claim next; how you lead next -- will set the tone, making or breaking your day so that you -- and therefore everyone you come in touch with -- are a delight or a drag.

Which will you choose?

Let's take Mondays for example. Personally, I love Mondays. Fresh start. Coming out of a weekend. The whole week in front of you. The week is your oyster. Especially if you used your weekend well and got some R&R in. Mondays can be days to walk into conference rooms and get on calls all bright eyed and bushy tailed with the query: "What will we create together today?" "What will we do?!"

Or not. They can be a drag. Sometimes they're just crap. I get it. But 99.9% of the time, you can influence the heck out of them. There is choice here.

Whether we're talking Monday, or any day of the week.. We set the tone. Whether it's Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. OR whether it's 5:00 a.m. in the morning or 2 in the afternoon... we set the tone, we create our experience, we make.

So... Your "Monday" needs your leadership. Get this right, and all those other amazing souls you get to lead every day, including yourself, get to have a better experience of you, your leadership, and whatever y'all are up to today.

So... what do you need to set your tone right? Here are a few of my favorite tone setters to get you started. Take, toss, or tweak as they serve. Or create your own. The magic is in the awareness, the leadership is in making it all so.

  1. Clear your space. Before you go to bed the night before, clean your room, clear your desk, organize your to do's, pack up great food to fuel you. Whatever you need in terms of physical and environmental energetic support -- do it.
  2. Before you go to bed, clear your mind. Set your intentions for a great night sleep, for any information you'd like to come to you (or "resolve" itself while you sleep), and for how you'd like to feel when you wake up.
  3. Treat yourself to "9". When that alarm goes off in the morning, treat yourself to that 9 minute snooze. Do NOT go back to sleep; instead breathe, feel into your body as you wake up, bring yourself back "on-line". Even more, use those 9 to set intentions for the day and do a little bit of gratitude claiming.
  4. Do the breathe & flip. Catch yourself with any negative mental chatter or worry about the day. Notice it. Breathe. Notice that all is well in THIS moment. If you have something you're concerned about, check yourself: Is it true? Do you have control? What's the littlest thing you can do to help things go well today? What's the gift of this situation? Another perspective? The breath and inquiry alone will provide more space to show up well with whatever shows up.
  5. Claim your day. Before you check email, texts, or even talk to anyone -- before ANYONE or ANYTHING else (including your kids) gets into your space, claim it. "Here's what I want, how I want to show up, how I want to feel." Claim it. Special note: If you are saying you don't have control over this, or time, or your kids wreck your morning, get up earlier. Lover, spouse, partner "wrecking" your morning? Go do this in the bathroom, in the closet, wherever. Claim your space. (Then go back to bed if you wish!)
  6. Decide that you will have a rocking day. Decide that you will be resourceful, present, thoughtful, kind, generous, resilient, powerful, lovely, and/or bomb diggity today. Whatever you fancy, decide it. This goes with claiming.
  7. Love is the answer. While you have coffee, breakfast, or whatever your morning routine consists of, talk to your family. Talk to them. Love them. Phones down baby! Let's have some live engagement. (Full disclosure, with a tween and teen in my house right now, "phones down" in the morning is my edge.)

Go make your day. // AXC