I'm a huge fan of Jack Dorsey, like most people in business and tech are, but not for the reasons you might think.

Sure, what he's done with Twitter and Square have been amazing, and not to mention he's running two publicly traded companies at the same time. In terms of leadership you'll find few others who fall into the same category as Dorsey.

But here's what you won't find in most leaders: empathy and authenticity.

And I'm not talking about the usual corporate speak of what seems to be hot these days, EQ. I'm talking about caring about a problem or issue and getting in on the ground floor to change it.

While most leaders have a variety of causes they support from their cozy offices and living quarters Dorsey actually cares. And that's why people rally behind him.

Case in point: the protests in Ferguson last year.

While most leaders shied away from even having a discussion on the issue and a series of events that was clearly wrong and unjust, Dorsey live tweeted from the protests himself:

I don't know about you but I don't know the last time (if ever) I've seen a corporate CEO, in tech no less, have the chops to do something like this and not care what others might think of him because of it. That's what more of today's leaders need and to be frank that's what will set you apart from the leaders of yesterday.

The world we live in has no shortage of issues and I know you are likely following your own movements from afar or passively on social media. The recent campus protests by African-American college students across the country that gained traction initially on Black Twitter is now mainstream, national news.

Movements like these might have some leaders scared to get behind or comment on them regardless of how justified the movement is. I'm going to kindly ask those "leaders" to move aside and for the real leaders, like yourself...like Dorsey, to not just support those movements but get in on the ground floor.

After all, how can you expect to lead your company if you're afraid of leading in society?

The next generation of leaders will not only have EQ they'll act on it.