Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show turns Las Vegas into a mini-tech hub bursting with talent that for one week rivals Silicon Valley, Alley and Beach. Entertainment updates, product launches, demos, prototypes, the annual event is a smorgasbord of tech news. And it's full of some of the most notable entrepreneurs, execs, personalities and reporters in the business. But at more than $1,000 a ticket, it's not cheap. If you can't make it (I myself will be watching from the sidelines), turn to Twitter, a fantastic real-time tool. Here's a look at the top journalists to follow at CES.

1. Peter Kafka (@pkafka) / Recode: One of my favorites, Kafka has a knack for mixing tongue-and-cheek reporting talent with the ability to cut through the "puffery" that often bogs down more junior journos. Here's a full list of all Recoders at CES, a thoroughly great team, in my opinion, one of the best in tech.

2. Ryan Lawler (@ryanlawler) / TechCrunch: The prolific senior editor has already written almost half a dozen stories, and manages to do so quickly and succinctly while sprinkling in much needed perspective and analysis. Check out all of his, and his team's tweets here: #CESCrunch.

3. Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) / Mashable: The editor-at-large is a social posting machine, leading a very deep and seasoned squad of 11 staffers in Vegas. Here's a look at their coverage this year, and check out the #MashCES tag for all updates from the Mashable team. So far, it's been heavy on one of my favorite and most interesting developing verticals in all of tech: the Internet of things.

4. Natalie Jarvey (@natjarv) / The Hollywood Reporter: In addition to being based in the city I call home--Los Angeles--Natalie is one of the most genuine reporters I read. She combines rigorous research with thoughtful commentary to provide readers with no-nonsense stories on the evolving digital entertainment landscape.

5. Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) / MarketingLand: If you want fast-paced live blogging, and even some counter intuitive tips for success, follow this man. This isn't his first rodeo, so he doesn't shoot from the hip he takes his time (without wasting yours) and in doing so shares relevant information.