While workers might dread the jet lag and anxiety that comes with frequent business travel, the reality is that, at least according to the numbers, business trips aren't going anywhere.

Workers at U.S. companies took an estimated 482.4 million business trips and spent $292.2 billion on travel-related expenses in 2014, according to the Global Business Travel Association. And after looking at the number of expensed overnight hotel stays in cities across the U.S., Concur, a company that provides travel and expense management services to businesses, determined the 10 cities visited most frequently by business travelers. Unsurprisingly, most of the list is dominated by major U.S. business hubs, such as New York (which grabbed the No. 1 spot) and Chicago (coming in third).

For information on how to make your business trips to each of these cities as smooth as possible, check out the infographic below. 

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Infographic courtesy Concur.