Not a "numbers person"? You don't have to be to appreciate a good infographic. In fact, that's kind of the point. The best infographics take  data that might be boring in a spreadsheet and turn it into a beautifully visual story. 

We scoured the Web for the coolest infographics that caught our attention last year, owing to how creative they were in both design and type of data collected, and how relevant they were to the topics that were most important to entrepreneurs in 2015. Check them out. 

Currently the most highly valued startup in the world, Uber is now valued at more than $60 billion. No wonder so many copycats are trying to replicate this business model. This infographic from the February Issue of Inc. looks at how well other on-demand startups are doing.

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While other businesses are busy trying to be the next Uber, the company continues to take away more and more business from taxi drivers. This infographic from FiveThirtyEight shows the extent to which Uber is taking over in America's largest city. In some of the outermost boroughs of New York City (where traditionally it's been harder to find an available taxi), the number of Uber pickups is nearly 85 percent above average. 

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3. Happy Sales to You (Microsoft Enterprise and Column Five)

Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what your customers are thinking? Although mind reading may be out of the question, businesses can still figure how to please customers by tapping into their emotions, with the help of social science. This infographic from Microsoft Enterprise and Column Five does a deep dive into the psychology of decision making.

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When you're launching a business, every dollar counts. While Silicon Valley may be awash in venture capital money, it may not be the ideal place to start a business for entrepreneurs who are tight on cash. This infographic, from the February issue of Inc., shows just how much an office space, an apartment, and your first programmer is going to cost you in various cities around the U.S.

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5. Culture Creators (Wildness)

Millennials continued to be on employers' minds in 2015, but advertisers are beginning to turn their attention to the rise of the post-Millennial generation, Generation Z. This infographic from marketing company Wildness can help advertisers figure out how to connect with their next customers.

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