More than three months after being acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion, LinkedIn plans to roll out a slew of new products that will enhance user experience and add a boost of color to online resumes. The updates shed more light on the company's long-term vision.

At a press event on Thursday, the professional networking website announced its launch of LinkedIn Learning, a new feature that recommends online courses to members based on their professional interests. The catalog of more than 9,000 courses is pulled from, the distributor of educational videos that LinkedIn acquired 18 months ago.

LinkedIn also announced it plans to release a messenger bot, which will sync with a user's calendar to help schedule meetings with other connections, and suggest meeting locations that are convenient for the both of them. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said that the messenger bot was already in development before the company was acquired, and though it has begun testing the bot, the company does not have a launch date for it yet. The project, however, is a huge indication of what made LinkedIn so appealing to Microsoft.

"This is an area where we're going to be able to do some really interesting things with Microsoft," Weiner told reporters at the event. "Microsoft has been making some very significant investments in conversational computing, and bots are one of the elements of that that really bring it to life."

Published on: Sep 23, 2016