It's not just commencement speakers who are proclaiming that the future is brighter than ever for this year's class of college graduates

Some economists say that this could be the best hiring market for college graduates in nearly a decade.  According to an April survey from CareerBuilder, 67 percent of employers plan to hire recent college graduates this year. That's the highest percentage CareerBuilder says it has seen since 2007.

So how do you ensure that your company hires the best of the best? It's helpful to understand what kind of jobs (and job postings) catch the eyes of millennials. For starters, you better make sure that your job posting is easy to view on a mobile device.  To find out more about what recent college graduates are looking for in a career, check out the infographic from recruiting software company Jobvite below. 

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Infographic courtesy of Jobvite and  ColumnFive.