Successful entrepreneurs often consider it their obligation to give back to the community. While some may see it as "tax write-offs" or a way to boost their PR campaigns, it actually goes way deeper than that.

Most successful entrepreneurs often come from modest backgrounds and work their way to the top. For them, nothing is more rewarding than helping someone else do the same. That's why the world's leading entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates constantly appear at the top of philanthropists list.

But it's not just the billionaires that are giving back. There's a new wave of online entrepreneurs and bloggers who are using their influence to give back to the community. Below are 6 of the top online entrepreneurs and bloggers who're making a fortune online and giving it back.

1. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur and writer who is well-known for her award-winning web show MarieTV and business coaching program, B-School.

Marie's positive personality seen on her Web TV show is also seen in her philanthropic work. A portion of all products purchased on her site goes toward helping a charitable cause.

To celebrate the 4th birthday of MarieTV, she raised $63,138 to build 6 wells in Ethiopia with Charity Water, bringing safe drinking water to over 1500 people.

Marie has given back portions of her B-School training program sales to build 5 schools in 3 different countries with Pencils of Promise.

Over the years, she has partnered with organizations like Virgin Unite, The Compassion Collective, Kiva, Samasource, and many others.

2. Syed Balkhi

Syed Balkhi is an award winning entrepreneur and founder of Awesome Motive, the company behind WPBeginner, a popular WordPress resource blog, and OptinMonster, one of the most well-known conversion optimization software.

Syed started his online career at age 12 when his family migrated from Pakistan to United States. Seeing how big of a role education has played in his family life, he has used his online influence to give back.

Syed ran donation campaigns for his blog's 4th and 5th birthday to raise funds for Pencils of Promise and generated over $75,000. The funds went toward building 3 schools in Guatemala.

He also did a campaign earlier this year with the Cambodian Village Fund to build a school in Dob Krorsang Village.

3. Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a NY Times, WSJ, and USA Today best-selling author, most known for his book / podcast The School of Greatness.

Lewis has used his online influence to contribute in well-known publications as well as appear in TV shows like Today Show, Good Morning America, Ellen Show, and more.

Earlier this year, Lewis received the award of Philanthropist of the Year from Pencils of Promise because his work has impacted over 35,000 students.

Over the years, Lewis is responsible for building 39 schools in different countries through his personal contributions and those of his networks. Because of his global impact, he now serves as an advisory board member in Pencils of Promise.

4. Stu Mclaren

Stu Mclaren is an online entrepreneur well known for creating the popular membership platform, Wishlist Member, and partnering with key influencers like Michael Hyatt in launching successful coaching programs.

Stu's love for teaching online has poured into physical world through his charity World Teacher Aid. His charity is responsible for building 8 schools with 40 classrooms, providing daily education for over 3000 students.

Currently his charity's focus is in Kenya and Ghana.

5. Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss is an online entrepreneur known for his work on Digital Marketer, a premier online community for marketers, and Traffic & Conversion summit, one of the best marketing conferences in the world.

In 2014, Ryan and his team created Black Friday Bootcamp, an online event where they deliver half-day summit on marketing and business growth topics. 100% of all sales from the event goes to various charities and Digital Marker matches the donation amount.

Over the last few years, they have donated over $250,000 to Jason's Frog Foundation and Battle for a Cure foundation that helps children fighting cancer.

6. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a famous blogger and podcast host, well known for his blog Smart Passive Income where he shares all of his techniques as well as monthly income reports.

Each year Pat creates a fundraising campaign around his birthday for building schools. Pat helped build 2 schools in Ghana through his first campaign in 2014 with Pencils of Promise. This year, he's doing another fundraiser campaign to raise $75,000 with a goal of educating 1000 students.

If there's one thing that differentiates successful entrepreneurs from each other, it's whether they have a desire to give back to charitable causes. It's one thing to make a lot of money; it's a another thing to share that wealth with charities who can put it to use in ways that do a greater good.

We can all learn a thing or two about what success truly looks like, and how to share it, from these six entrepreneurs.