Celebrating the holiday season at work can make the cold, dark days a bit easier to handle. One especially fun tradition is the annual Secret Santa gift exchange. But what happens when you get paired with that office co-worker whom you barely know? To solve this common dilemma, here are a few inexpensive gift ideas that any of your co-workers will appreciate and actually use--even if all you know about them is their name.

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1. Bullet journal

$11.99 on Amazon

Bullet journals have gained popularity over the years for all of the creative ways you can use the dotted pages to make lists, charts, and more. (Bonus: buy a nice pen to go with it and your coworker will be all set for a productivity boost--or for doodling with during repetitive meetings.)

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2. Himalayan salt lamp

$19.99 at Kohls

The perfect size for an office desk, these lamps give off a feel-good orange-y glow. (They also supposedly improve air quality and reduce allergens, but those claims may be overblown.) 

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3. Hand warmer

$14.30 on Amazon

Zippo's handheld tool keeps fingers toasty during the cold morning commute. It's perfect for waiting for the bus, train, or-- let's face it-- in any situation that requires spending more than 10 minutes outside.

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4. City guides

$20 at Wild Sam

These handy little guides will make it a little easier to stay in town over the holidays while others go on beach vacations. Your coworker will appreciate nearby restaurant recommendations and lists of books, songs, and more that capture the local spirit. 

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5. Travel cocktail kit

$19.98 at Huckleberry

These carry-on size cocktail kits will help make those holiday flights a bit more enjoyable. The crying baby in the row ahead and the person coughing in seat 15B will barely be noticeable after mixing a Moscow Mule or two. 

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6. Caramel Tube Set

$15.95 at McCrea's

Every office worker can appreciate a sweet treat small enough to store in a desk drawer. This set includes caramels with unique flavors like Single Malt Scotch, Black Lava Sea Salt, and Dark Roasted Mocha. Even if one flavor isn't a favorite, there are plenty more to choose from.

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