By now it's no secret that there's a direct link between sleep and work performance. The numbers are staggering: The National Safety Council has estimated that fatigued employees cost employers about $136 billion a year in lost productivity.

"Sleep is so important for us that it can be easily noticed on the days we don't have enough of it," says Alcibiades I. Rodriguez, a professor of neurology and medical director of the NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy and Sleep Center. "You can experience a lack of concentration, attention, moodiness, and decreased reaction time."

You've probably sacrificed a few hours' sleep to send late-night emails, deal with customer requests, or handle any number of other seemingly urgent work tasks. But even once you do turn in for the night, the setup of your bedroom could be costing you additional rest.

Inc. staffers Chris Beier and Kevin Ryan are here to help you remedy that. In a new Inc. Tested video, they find out everything you need to know about buying a set of bed sheets. At Bed, Bath & Beyond in New York City, they learn, for example, which sheets are best for getting rest in warm climates and how to get a high-quality set without spending hundreds of dollars.

Even if you're not prepared to break the bank for bedding, once you find the best fit for you, it is worth investing a few bucks to help ensure a good night's sleep--typically seven to nine hours, according to Rodriguez.

"The true function of sleep is unknown, but lack of sleep can impair memory, slow the immune system, and change our moods," he cautions.

Watch as Chris and Kevin find their ideal sheets and discover that it can be the little changes that make the biggest difference.