Rebuilding the Notre-Dame cathedral has emerged as a priority for prominent business owners, and not just those in France.

It's been just two days since the Monday evening fire that devastated much of Paris's 856-year-old Notre-Dame cathedral, but entrepreneurs, business owners, and wealthy individuals have already pledged about $1 billion in donations towards the rebuilding efforts. In a public address on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron set a five-year goal to restore the building, which was already undergoing a major renovation at the time of the fire. "I believe profoundly that we will turn this tragedy into a moment to come together," Macron said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted Tuesday that the company will donate an unspecified amount to rebuilding efforts, but a number of entrepreneurs and business leaders have committed to donate specific amounts to the cause. Here are five business owners who have pledged significant sums to help rebuild Notre-Dame. 

?1. Henry Kravis

The co-founder of New York-based private equity firm KKR, Henry Kravis and his wife have pledged to donate $10 million toward rebuilding efforts, according to a statement from KKR.

2. Bernard Arnault

The family of Bernard Arnault, the French billionaire and CEO of luxury-goods conglomerate LVMH Group, will donate €200 million (about $226 million) to the cathedral's reconstruction fund, according to a company statement. LVMH owns luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Moet & Chandon champagne. 

3. Francois-Henri Pinault

Francois-Henri Pinault, the chairman CEO of luxury goods company Kering, a direct competitor to LVMH, pledged €100 million (about $113 million) to the rebuilding efforts, through the family's investment arm, Artemis. Kering oversees fashion brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Balenciaga.

4. Martin and Olivier Bouygues

Martin Bouygues, the CEO of French construction company Bouygues, and his brother Olivier said they will donate €10 million (about $11 million) to help with the repairs. The brothers added that their company would help assemble construction workers needed to conduct the repairs.

5. The Bettencourt Family

The largest shareholder of French beauty company L'Oréal, the Bettencourt family said they would donate €200 million (about $226 million) to help rebuild the cathedral. 

Despite Macron's stated five-year goal of rebuilding the damaged cathedral, some experts have said that his time frame is unrealistic, saying the process could potentially take decades.