Beauty is a very cluttered market. There are more than enough products, and more than enough deep-pocketed competitors. Standing out is tremendously challenging. But in just three months, Peace Out Skincare has crushed it. They've spurred a viral effect, receiving over 200 million media impressions, garnered a steady stream of press in all the big beauty magazines and sold out within their first two weeks of launch at Sephora. All from a founder with no beauty or business experience. Here's their roadmap to success.

#1 Do One Thing Well

The company started when the founder, Enrico Frezza, was suffering from a breakout and looking for a simple solution to get rid of his spots. He found nothing that worked, and nothing that didn't require an intensive time commitment, so he poured money into R&D to find a technologically superior, proven alternative. After 3 years of intensive research and myopic focus, he created the product 'Peace Out Dots', which are effectively mini band-aids for your pimples - that get to work instantaneously. An attractive, yet overlooked, draw card for the time-starved target.

The Lesson: find an area of focus and deliver on it impeccably

#2 Trust Your Naivety

Naivety can be a very positive force. It can help you see opportunities that others cant and rules that are begging to be broken. In the instance of beauty, Frezza noticed that all the acne treatments were clinical, sterile, doctor-driven and required too many steps. They saw an opportunity to add fun, play and irreverence to the category and used this as a key point of differentiation. Their packaging features cartoon-inspired instructions, with the language 'Pick a dot. Heal a spot.' The packaging looks more like candy, that both inspires a positive relationship and takes some of the shame and stigma out of the product.

The Lesson: look at the way your competitors behave and find a way to break with them, from a tonality standpoint.

#3 Share Your Personal Story

We are wired to receive stories, and 92% of consumers prefer brands that tell stories. From the beginning, Frezza has been forthcoming with his own personal struggle with acne, which is even more surprising as he is a self-described 'dude from LA'. Being bale to stand behind your product with integrity, honesty and communicate your story without holding back will help draw consumers in. As Frezza says, "I've had to really put myself out there personally to open up about my own personal struggles and insecurities. This has allowed me to connect on a personal level with the consumer directly."

The Lesson: Connect with your consumers on a personal level and share your story, warts and all, with bravery.

#4 Be Hyper Relevant

Rather than focus on the application, or science behind their product, Peace Out Skincare focuses on the pay off, in a very millennial way. Their instagram feed claims things like 'breakup with your breakouts', 'in a world of selfies, there's no room for brekaouts' and 'no filter, no problem'. Their instagram feed is poppy, playful and hits on the real concerns of their target - not clinical coats, doctor endorsements and sterile 'how to' videos.

The Lesson: know what worries your consumers and address their concerns directly - with a healthy dose of cheekiness